Dear Tatiana



Exclusive Interview


Give us your bioThere’s an exciting new sound reverberating from Orlando, FL pioneered by genre-melding quartet, Dear Tatiana. Heavily influenced by acts such as Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Air Dubai, and Chance The Rapper, the band blends rap groove and a pop punk attitude yielding an ear-catching signature sound. United in the common goal to uplift and inspire, Dear Tatiana is comprised of front-man and production mastermind Thayne Brown, drummer Michael Fallas, guitarist Michael Gonzalez, and Hunter Burdette on bass. The mediums with which they weave their sonic tapestry are tight beats, uplifting melodies and dynamic lyrical flow. Dear Tatiana are tried-and-true performers, creating an all-encompassing and unforgettable live experience. Their high-energy stage show ignites the audience and captivates the entire venue. The crowd at the Sunset Music Festival got to witness that first hand when the band was invited to open for Kaskade and Fall Out Boy in May 2015. The band self-released their first EP, “Most Likely to Succeed”, in April 2015. The project features guest vocals from LBEZ and M.E.Z and received the #5 Hip-Hop add at CMJ Radio the first week of its release. Dear Tatiana followed up “Most Likely to Succeed” with the highly anticipated “95407” on April 15, 2016. “95407” premiered on PureVolume and reached number #28 on the independent artist charts.

Who are your top 5 influences? -Kanye West -Chance the Rapper -Childish Gambino -Alex Gaskarth -Patrick Stump When are your new projects coming out? -We’re recording our first full-length album right now. Should be out Spring 2017! We just finished up a few of the songs on the album so the public should start hearing new music from us really really soon!

What helped you get into music? -Honestly, it was my family. They’re very musical. My aunt’s sing, My mom sings. My Grandma used to sing in a popular Christian group in the 80’s. My cousin is who helped me get into hip-hop. I used to watch him write and make beats and since then that’s what I wanted to do.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?Never stop. The media likes to make it seem like some of these other guys popped overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. If you’re passionate about your craft and believe that you can, you will. But that’s not ALL it takes. It starts with the belief but it’s all about work from there. If you honestly believe you made a hot record or have a good idea, don’t just put it up and wait for someone to notice it. Work it! Get it to the people you think would like it. Let yourself be known. There’s 6 Billion+ people on this planet. The ones that stay focused and keep working are usually the ones that reap the most benefits.

What are your biggest goals for 2016?Our biggest goal for the rest of 2016 is spread the word. We have songs that are relatable and wrote them for you, so we have to find a way to get it in the ears of more people. For 2017, our goals are touring. We wanna see everyone, everywhere so we’re working really hard to get to as many cities as we can next year.

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