Exclusive interview 

Give us your bio,Who are your top 5 influences,When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

BRIEF BIO Memebers: Nakes (MC/WRITER) Mikkimettal (MC/WRITER) EZZA (PRODUCER/WRITER/VOCALS) Formed 2014 From The Midlands STYLE: Urban/HipHop/Rnb/Pop Were essentially local Solo artists who came together to form the band after collaborating on Ezza’s (aka Errol Cole) 2015 Single ‘ I Wanna Know’ & discovered there might some chemistry!

Since forming the band ‘So Wassup Now’ was the 1st Single released in Feb 2016 & then ‘Shake It’ released in Aug 2016 which features another MC & longtime friend $carless!

Influences include: Snoop Dogg, Nas, R Kelly, Eminem, 2pac

Projects: To complete the album for 2017 release! Get on a few Mixtapes Commence track for drug Awareness programme RAPT Subject due to be covered by Channel 4 For NAKES Jungle/Garage got him into MC-ing but HipHop was always first love! For MIKKI it was hearing house music from inside his mothers womb lol!! For EZZA it was seeing some of the gr8 soul/Rnb singers perform & thinking ‘that’s what I wanna do’

To the fans: Be ready for the ride NO subject is taboo!! 2016 Goals: To be here when it ends!!!

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