Exclusive Interview

My bio is: a 22 year old girl living in a tiny neighborhood that all the neighbors turned on us so I don’t like it anymore and it’s all become a memory I need to forget.

Top 5 influences: Elvis Presley, Gandhi, Thomas Edison, One Direction and my family When are my new projects coming out? Well I’ve been working on some new songs, so hopefully soon.

What helped me into music? I learned poetry in 6th grade and turned that poetry into songs, because my friends and neighbors turned on us, I started writing down how I feel, I turned my pain into songs. It was the only way for me to cope. One thing I would tell my fans? Well, things have tried to get me down and kill my confidence my whole life and I never gave up or did drugs,smoked, drank alcohol.

Something to tell your fans? I would recommend to them, when things get tough, don’t give up and you don’t have to smoke, do drugs, drink, or cut yourself to make yourself feel better and if any of you need anything please feel free to come talk to me. Biggest goals? To perform at an awards show and to get more music out.

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