Brian Beatz

                                              Exclusive Interview

Bio: BRIANBEATZ BIO Brian White, BrianBeatz or Mr. Wanna Know the Name as he is commonly referred as from Clarendon Arkansas is a hiphop/RNB producer and DJ who incorporates many elements in his music. Having since made a transition from the east coast to the west in California, right now he is trying to bring his style to the west, establish his sound and get settled. This move hasn’t slowed his motivation to deliver soulful mind awaking music. “Beatz” always had a passion for music early on however, he never saw a future in it. Having a family who never saw a life in the world of music wanted him to have a more stable career field and they made it painfully aware to him. When he tried to go the route his family wished for him it didn’t go well and college wasn’t really his thing. So Brian White joined the military, serving as a combat medic in the navy. This is where he met his mentor David Corely A.K.A. PadrinoStacks who showed him the way of beatmaking and from there it was the door that opened his world to life of music production. From there he honed his skills networked with local artist on the east coast sat down and learned face to face with greats in the industry like DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, Teddy Riley and others. BrianBeatz Joined beatbattles to gain notoriety making battle beats was not what he did but even though he wouldn’t win some, the reception he received after he left the stage was somewhat “enlightening” to him. To have many artist want him to be on their next production or to sit in the studio of one of their sessions was a major milestone to his life in music. Now as BrianBeatz settles in to California he is focused on taking it over and showing the west that he is what they need and he is here to stay.after establishment Beatz wants to start a record Label and build with like-minded individuals who also wants to enlighten the world to their music. If you would like to work with or support BrianBeatz you can contact him at check out the page listen and share his music, sign up for the mailing list to get new updates on what BrianBeatz is doing and stay up to date with what new music he has out. tell your friends and people because pretty soon everyone is gonna want to know the name.

My top 5 influences: 1.J Dilla 2.Kanye West 3.RZA 4.DJ Shadow 5.Daft Punk

New projects: I am currently working on a project with Virginia native John Stacey the project is due to drop Nov.1

What helped me get into music: I’ve always been into music from a young age I idolized Michael Jackson


What help you get into music: From a young age I’ve always have had a passion for music. I idolized Michael Jackson. I was a band kid, but my push into to making music of my own came from watching DJ’s in the club and meeting my friend and mentor David Corley A.K.A Padrino Stacks he is a producer who I met thru work. He took me under his wing and he is a major factor in where I am at today.

One thing to tell my fans is their is a lot coming from me. I have made a lot of connections and my sound will soon be very available

My goals for 2016 is to master my sound even more,get better, work with more people, progress more as a producer and as a person.

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