Exclusive Interview 


Bio: Straight from Brooklyn. Born in Brooklyn TYV (Tyvee) original unique sounds brings life to rap. Tyv defines rap as self expression. ART, Her dynamic force to rap brings energy also gives her the persona of being conspicuous.. Her style is noticeable catchy. With Tyvee on the rise. I think she will go down as being one of the best rap Artist of all time.


Influences : Life, God, Family, Myself, and Money

When are my New projects coming out? I have a few videos out now. Off my upcoming mixtape dropping in the next 2 weeks. Not sure right now of the date. It’s either Halloween or November 8. 
NAME OF MIXTAPE: Brooklyn Fever (TheNewSwerve) vol 1. 
What help you get into music?  That’s easy music helped me get into music. Listening to some of the greats. Jay Z, Jadakiss,Nas,Missy Elliott I mean the list goes on.
What is one thing you tell your fans? Never give up. Mortals can’t see what you see. (People in other words. Believing in yourself when no one does.
What are my biggest goals for 2016? I really just want to be noticed. Follow me on the book FB Ty Vee like me on the book FB https://m.facebook.com/tyveebrooklyn/
Follow me on twitter @Tyvgoddess on IG tyvee_thenewswerve. But my goal is to get noticed around the globe. Then you’ll see what’s next. 

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