Yung Arimi


                                                       Exclusive Interview

BIO. If you check my soundcloud you’ll probably get Yung Arimi as my producer name but going forward I’m going by Arimi. Born and raised in WIndsor,Ontario but livin in the west coast of Canada in Edmonton for about 2 years now. Movin out here compared to Windsor the music scene ain’t as big, I mean they like top 40 tunes here but where I/m from we embrace hip hop hard all day thats what me and the homies listen growin up–we been about that. We neighbor Detroit, Mi so growing up I was influenced by their culture over there not only lifestyle but musically.

What got you into music? I am of Nigerian decent so off the rip music was always played in the house growing up whether it was MJ ,Whitney Houston to Madonna, Marvin Gaye, Biggie, Pac, Nas . I remember watching Mo Money Mo Problems video when it first came out and telling my Uncle I wanna be a musician man I think was aroun 7yrs old! I just embraced the hip hop culture. He really believed me and said I could do it. From there I did everything from sports to djing parties in my late teens, basically my childhood sports and music was my outlet to growing as a person. I think I really got serious with music after seeing Soulja Boy come up on Fruity Loops and just was inspired by his success. I just wanted to impact the world thu my music and bring change ya dig?

My Top 5 Influences: OVO 40 Mike WIllMadeit Metro Boomin Murdabeatz T-Minus When are your new projects coming out? Well I got a collection of new instrumentals I’ve been working on and I’m hoping to be dropping an EP by Halloween 2016 (Beatz For Dayz) and then an LP mixtape sometime in November. Dropping a track this Friday on my soundcloud page to start the warmup

What helped you get into music? I think there are many factors related to how I got into music. Personally I am creative and have a high attention to detail being a virgo I think thats standard haha. Once I realize I can express myself thru music I was sold right away. I can put everything aside and focus in on what I want the world to hear so that’s mad dope to me man. Artists like Nas , T.I., Hov , Wayne are all my top Mcs but the mcs after them like Wale , J.Cole, Drake, Nipsey Hussle etc I hold a high regard as well. They all played a part with me taking music seriously and following my dream. I’d name other cats but there’s too many ya’ll should see my Itunes library if you wanna know wassup haha. The artists I choose to follow all have a high influence on what inspires me as a person.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? Yea I wanna thank all the listeners and supporters that been rockin with me since day 1 f’real! Never stop believing in yourself;and trust the process God got us!

What are your biggest goals for 2016? I wanna end the year knowing I became a better man and also want to evolve my sound. Nowadays Producers are shadowing other sounds and I don’t wanna fall into that trap. There’s so many aspects to being a producer, Overall I want my craft to be respected not thru art but with business and relationships. Networking is key these days and that will definitely help me grow

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