Taron Jerel


Exclusive Interview


Give us your bioTaron Jerel, a Las Vegas native son, was destined for a life in music. His love of music began at a young age when he was given a pair of drum sticks for Christmas. His passion grew to explore other instruments, such as the piano and guitar. While enrolled at Norfolk State University in Virginia, Taron was exposed to music and video production. He assisted student council candidates with media campaigns. From that moment, Taron was hooked. Today, Taron creates uniquely diverse tracks for all genres of music, with a specialty in Hip-Hop. Additionally, he writes and produces music for upcoming national and local artists. The dedication for his craft has developed a true “musical sage,” narrating experience and reflection through sound. Taron is continuously working to compose music to ignite an emotional response from the listener. It is his goal to reach every culture, gender and generation. Music is a lifeline, and Taron provides uplifting beats, which one can escape. Taron Jerel’s sound will have you wanting more!

•Who are your top 5 influencesMarvin Gaye, 2pac, Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000.

•When are your new projects coming out?2017 will be full of quarterly projects.

•What helped you get into music?as long as i can remember i’ve been around music. my first christmas presents were drumsticks & a piano. in high school all my friends were musically inclined. even today i continue to meet people that are in music some way or another. started recognizing the patterns and began taking music seriously 6 months ago. so i took the leap and hear we are. •

What is one thing you would tell your fans?cheat death, live & love. those who make the best of what they got, got the best of what they have. we’re in this together i do this for you because you’re the best of what i got. now you get the best of me! •

What are your biggest goals for 2016?get a production(beat) placement. -gain 1000 “true fans”. -IMPROVE DAILY.

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