Spade Gucci


Exclusive Interview

BIO Southside Chicagoan “Spade Gucci” a Hip Hop recording artist who spent most of his younger life growing up in the city of Chicago, 87th S Ashland in the Ashland Towers to be exact. Around the age of 13 his mother moved their family out to the suburbs. “Spade Gucci” always had a passion for music, but this is when everything began. He received a recording program called Acid Pro 4.0 and recorded his vocals on a Wal-Mart computer microphone. As he got older he began to take his love for music more seriously. At 16 his mom was laid off of her job, which forced “Spade Gucci” to jump out into the streets and became involved in gangbanging and the local drug trade. After seeing numerous friends go to jail and die, he knew he had to get out the streets before these things happened to him. At 26 “Spade Gucci” is a young og in his neighborhood and has gained the respect of the streets and his peers. He wants to speak to the youth and his peers thru his music. He recently dropped his EP “Drugs” short for “Do Right U Gain Success” where he speaks a lot on his real life in 7 songs. He is currently working on building his brand, in hopes to be a house hold name soon, and be one of the biggest stars to come out of Chicago. With his unique voice, wordplay and concepts behind his music “Spade Gucci” plans on being around in the game for a long time.

INFLUENCES T.I., Gucci Mane, Future, Young Jeezy and Drake

WHAT ARE YOUR NEW PROJECTS COMING OUT? I am currently in the studio working on my next EP entitled “TRAP” which is short for “Take Risk And Prosper” right now my focus is my EP “DRUGS” that is currently available for streaming via sound cloud. I will drops the next EP sometime in 2017.

WHAT HELPED YOU GET INTO MUSIC? Actually it was my older cousin Torry Holliman (a.k.a. T-Spade) I heard his music back when I was 12-13 he left me his CD and I would listen to it all the time and rap his lyrics out loud to myself. After so long I started to really understand what he was saying and thought I was cool. So I started right my own music putting words together. Here I am today!

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD TELL YOUR FANS? I would tell them that if you’re doing music, understand that you are your biggest investor and supporter! Don’t wait for anyone or expect anyone to do things for you. Be your own boss, it will play out in your favor later.

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST GOALS IN 2016 I just want to end 2016 with a undeniable internet and street presence. This way 2017 they can’t deny me or my skills as a artist. I would like to end 2016 with a major breakthrough into the industry.

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