Sleepless Night


                                              Exclusive Interview

Kanye, Whereisalex, Swizz Beats, Mr. Carmack, 9th Wonder. These 5 may or may not be well known for their production, but never have ceased to amaze and inspire us. Their production skill sets, and how they never release a bad production is incredible. The professionalism and creativity these artists have delivered.

We are releasing atleast one song every week, and are currently working on a EP as well. We just recently released a 3 track EP “late night cinema”, but will continue to strive toward a new project that we plan on releasing before the year 2016 is up.

Isac: My passion for creating music stems from my Jr year in high school. I selected a film production class where we shot, edited, and composed videos. It was when I was making the music for the videos I realized that this was what I wanted to do professionally. That first semester I saved all my lunch money so I could afford to buy my first midi and work with it in garage band. My love for producing  quickly grew deeper, and I decided to go to an art school for audio production in 2014. Ever since then I at the very least have been obsessed with creating new and exciting things, and never sticking to one individual sound. Adrian: I started producing on 2012 with a local rap group called Delta. I started on an online DAW called audiotool where I created 75-100 beats in the time that I used it. I tried to experiment around with all kinds of genres from EDM to Soul music. Since then I have been challenging my self to create amazing music and be the best producer, artist, and musician possible.

We would tell our fans, “share our music!”. We have the skills, but all we need is the fan base to showcase our pride. We want critics. We want people to dissect our music and tell us how we can improve. We want people to recognize our sound in other artists songs. We love to make music, we just want the masses to hear what we are bringing to the table. Because it’s nothing but FIRE.

My biggest goal for 2016 is to grow as much as possible in every way; production, equipment, fan base, who we are working with, etc. We want 2016 to be the perfect foundation for the years to come.

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