Can you give us your bio? Tell us about what got you into music,Then your top 5 artists, Then what your upcoming plans and projects, Also tell us about your artistic vision And finally what inspires you the most


                                                           Exclusive Interview 

What got you into music Music’s always played a huge role in my life. Growing up my mom would always make me & my siblings karaoke with her. She bought me my first walkman when I was 7 & I always had it on me no matter how small my pockets were, I somehow managed to make it fit. As soon as I got into high school my parents split up & music & poetry were how I coped with it all. I never said a word to anyone about it, but I let it out on any notepad I could find. I picked up the guitar at 16 & began writing my own songs. I decided to channel all emotions through music. At 18, I went to college for Visual Effects & Motion Graphics with a 45k scholarship, purchased my first MacBook with the money I had saved up from working all summer & immediately fell in love with the GarageBand version that came with it. I dropped out a year & a half later cause I wasn’t getting by with the money I was making. I couldn’t afford rent, could barely afford food & the food I did have would go to my dog cause I couldn’t afford his food either. I spent the next 2 years going from job to job, going through a couple break ups while living back at home in my mother’s basement & making music here & there under Ricky Perez. I went with my childhood nickname & used my mother’s maiden name as my last. Finally after a bad break up, I decided to work on myself & only myself. I changed my artist name from Ricky Perez to PRZ, because I felt it was more suiting & my music took a turn for the better and became darker & realer & I began promoting myself more along with my team and label (Dreamfiend) I started. Which brings us to where we are now.

Top 5 artists J. Cole, Drake, Tory Lanez, Kanye West, Blink 182

Upcoming plans and projects I have two projects I’m currently working on. One which will be released sometime around November of this year & the other early 2017. I have a whole new sound people aren’t really expecting, but I’ve grown a lot as an artist & I think people will finally get to see that in these projects. Artistic vision I make music I can vibe to, but at the same time that people can relate to. I can’t just write about something I haven’t really been through. Actually, I don’t really write anymore. I started just going into the studio & spilling out whatever I’m thinking at the moment & things couldn’t be more real then they are right now. I want people to listen to my music & be like wow he wasn’t born in the ghetto or shot or anything crazy he’s just like me. & I want them to take that & realize that they can be great too. Everyone’s special in their own way, they just have to see it for themselves first. As far as vision, everybody wants to be the best, I want to be above that. I want to be loved for what I do. I want to be an inspiration.

What inspires you the most Family & friends. I do this for them. If ever my career should take me places, whatever luxuries I may be enjoying in the future, they’ll all be right there enjoying them with me. Other than that I just take situations I go through & turn it into a story via music.

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