Dizzy- Kid


 Exclusive Interview 

Artist name Dizzy-Kid 24 yrs old from NewJersey.                    
Who are your top 5 influences.  Ok that’s a hard question since I have so many, Ok 1st I’d actually have to say Lil Wayne for his creativity and uniqueness, 2nd I’d say T-Pain his energy and passion drove me into hip-hop.3. Would have to be Akon, The soul he puts into his songs matched with his great voice and flow is practically unrivaled,plus his songs are so catchy. 4. Tie between Fab and Big Sean, for today’s modern era rap I feel those 2 have the best flow and word structure.5. Finally Andre 3000; what can I say besides his a genius both lyrical and pure rap skill.            

When are your new projects coming out? My first serious project has an estimated time roughly April 2017 it’s my first official mixtape 7 songs mastered, haven’t finalized name of mixtape, but if you look up on my soundcloud I have 2 songs studio recording, Bodied and Problems they are currently being mixed and mastered.More def to come, I will never stop making music

What helped you get into music? I have always been a writer, and I always use to write poetry, I started getting into hip-hop later in life actually first year in college, and I decided to combine my writing and poetry into rap and Hip-hop and then Dizzy was created and everything changed from there

What is one thing you would tell your fans? I want to tell you that Music bleeds thru my body I will never stop, and i don’t see my self going anywhere but the very top, and I plan to run this Hip hop game

What are your biggest goals for 2016? My biggest goal right now besides finishing recording would have to be getting a bit of exposure. I want people to hear me for themselves, My soundcloud link is above again I recommend listening to bodied and Problems . Unfortunately the rest are phone recordings but please feel free to check then all out, and if you like my music thank you 🙂                  


That was DIZZY-KID Up and coming rapper, check his soundcloud on link above.

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