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Born 21/05/92 Godfrey Nondo Kingsley Mwananshiku. Born in East London, moved to Manchester aged 3 then when I was 7 my mum passed away so I moved back to London with my dad. In 2012 I enrolled in university in Manchester to study audio engineering, but, I dropped out after a year after learning how to record myself. Since then I’ve been in Manchester working with ‘MoneyWheel Entertainment’ which is a team of artists and producers, creating new music and showcasing our skills. 
Top 5 Influences
In no order:
1. Michael Jackson
2. Eminem
3. Lil Wayne
4. J Cole
5. Kendrick Lamar
Let me mention Chance the Rapper too because he showed me that you don’t have to be just a rapper you can be free to do whatever you want to do with your music
New Projects
After SIDE A of mixtape ‘Real Recognize Real’ dropped on August 1st 2016 it has received an amazing response including 100,000 plays on spotify. 
SIDE B is ready and waiting to be released, we’re just building up some momentum before we drop it.
What helped you get into music
My mum was a massive influence, she was an amazing singer, part of her church choir, so going to church every sunday really got me interested in music. My dad also had every CD and every album ever made I swear, every genre! I was constantly listening to music whether I wanted to or not with my brother, he listens to music 24/7 so music has always been a huge part of my life.
One thing you’d tell your fans
Zero Panik! 
I’m just looking to lead a generation and prove my worth every step of the way.
Biggest goals for 2016
I just want to get myself out there and become one of them in the music industry.

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