Alex Camarillo

                                                          Exclusive Interview

Well I’m an 18 yo kid from Tucson, Arizona. My whole life has been made of music, my mom is a singer so I would always sing with her when I was little. I’ve had a lot of musical background, I picked up the guitar in 5th grade, and I began learning other instruments such as the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, drums, bass and piano. I’ve have a lot of experience with jazz, I performed in many places, but my biggest one was in New York.


My top 5 influences are Chance the rapper Ed Sheehan Jason mraz Eminem And I guess Jazz is a huge influence


My only project I have so far is “Project Me” which was released this September, i don’t think I’m going to release another full demo until maybe another year or two, but I’m still working on music everyday


I guess my mom helped me get into music, she has a huge passion for singing and she would always sing around the house and I’d hum along with her even before I could speak, and I developed a passion for it too


One thing I’d tell my fans is that I’m thankful for everyone of them for supporting me and that If I ever do make it big, I’m gonna go back to town and we’re going to celebrate!


And well 2016 is almost over, but maybe for 2017, my goal would be to start gaining a bigger audience and maybe start getting some gigs to perform at!

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