LeftField Beats


Exclusive Interview


I am a Californian Hip Hop producer. I have been making instrumentals for two years (this January), but I’ve been writing songs and messing around with genres for a while longer. My main sound is an experimental, underground boom bap with familiar vibes to those of J Dilla, MF DOOM, Madlib and Flying Lotus. While I do lean more towards boom bap I am very versatile and can do anything from underground to trap and everything in between.

My top five influences: 5. RZA 4. Flying Lotus 3. Madlib 2. MF DOOM 1. J Dilla My new projects: Solo: I have an upcoming beat tape that will go by the name of “The Universe and All of It’s Secrets”. It will be an auditory trip through time and space. Very Flying Lotus-esque. I have no set date so far, but I’m thinking around December 2016. Collaborations: me and an emcee named Cavenaugh have an album in the works. He raps, I produce. I am putting my all into these projects and I can’t wait to release them.

What helped me get into music: I grew up with music. Bob Marley, The Maytals and The Beatles were always playing in my car. I got my first guitar when I was five. My dad and my uncle are musicians and they passed lots of their knowledge down to me. Without them, I would never have gotten into music.

What would I tell my fans: Thank you all so much for the support and love. In just a few years I have created a small but loyal following.

2016 goals: To get my beat tape completed. I am putting my soul into it and I hope it creates a few waves. 2016 was really a good year for me. I improved a lot, but I was still learning the craft (and I still am). So 2017 will be full of quality music!

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