Exclusive Interview  

BIO: I Go By JayxRellz I’m from Poughkeepsie NY, I’m 25,and I love the art of rap. All throughout School I used to write poems,written freestyles, and anything else that would come to my head. It’s always came pretty natural to me but I never put my gift to use and eventually stopped writing all together. I’m an Introvert at heart I stay to my self for the most part and prefer to stay in my head most of the time ,and because of that it led me to becoming my own worst enemy and talking myself out of my talent. I would doubt myself to the point that I would get writers block then get frustrated when nothing came out. It wasn’t until I realized at 24 that I needed to channel my emotion into my craft and use it as a form of expression. I needed to get in touch with myself on a level that I was afraid to do previously. I had to put it in Gods hands and do what I have been lead to do my whole life and that’s make music.

TOP 5 INFLUENCES: I hate to give the “typical” answer but I’m not influenced by anything,I’m inspired by everything. I can sum it up by saying I’m inspired by anybody that is chasing there dreams.

WHEN IS MY PROJECT COMING OUT: I’m shooting for the end of 2016. I’m just kinda making everything up as I go along to be honest. I do know for sure that It’s going to be an EP titled 9/1/91 which is my birthday.

WHAT HELPED ME GET INTO MUSIC: God,love for the art, and finally deciding to take steps towards the dream that I always wanted to pursue.

MESSAGE TO MY FANS: Always follow your dreams and your heart neither one will ever fail you. ANYTHING you want to do can be accomplished if you put the work in. And ALWAYS stay positive negativity is wasted energy. I know it all sounds corny but it’s all Trill advice .

2016 GOALS: more exposure, more music, better music,growing as an artist, staying positive, completing the 9/1/91 EP and setting myself up to takeover 2017 God willing.

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