Jay The Echo


                                                         Exclusive Interview 


Give us your bio I’m a Hip Hop artist from the Bay Area, California. My history as a musician is really mainly the story of my rap group. My childhood friends and I would mess around on Garageband whenever we got bored and started recording ourselves rapping and trolling our friends over our goofy beats. One of my friends, rap name Casoul, is a gifted Jazz pianist whose talent was growing so our beats actually started to sound good. We were too embarrassed and shy to share our music with anyone in person, but eventually we got some positive feedback anonymously on some music sharing sites. The other friend in the group, rap name Sky the Pilot, pushed us to release a full-length mixtape to release to the public, and we upgraded our equipment and got much more serious about it from there. In highschool we put out four mixtapes, but had to go our separate ways as college students. Now I am at the beginning of my solo artist career, looking forward to establishing myself. Sky the Pilot is still making music too. If you like my music, you should definitely check him out as well.

Who are your top 5 influences Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, Blu, The Roots. Those are the guys that most people will recognize, but Casoul and Sky are some major influences as members of my old rap group.

When are your new projects coming out? The only release I have on the calendar is dropping tonight (10/6/16), but I have a couple more singles recorded that also should be ready for release soon.

What helped you get into music? For as long as I can remember, to me music has been a kind of “cure all” coping mechanism for life. It’s my drug of choice. It can be cathartic, soothing, and strengthening all at once. For every emotional downswing there is a song that relates or can respond and help turn it around. Writing and performing my own music can also be used as a kind of therapy for me. I get to talk about whatevers on my mind or just rap for the hell of it and have a great time– both great for mental health. Also my mom made me sing in choruses and take piano lessons in elementary school. I didn’t always love it then but I’m so happy she did. It eventually guided me to identify as not only a music listener, but also as a music performer. When I quit piano and children’s chorus, I had a void in my life that Hip Hop more than filled.

What is one thing you would tell your fans? Do what you love to do.

What are your biggest goals for 2016? I have such a competitive mindset, that I tend to set high goals and compare myself to other artists based on society’s criteria for “success”. I’m also very proud of the effort I put into my music and I definitely feel this need to “prove myself” to other people. This year I want to find a level of inner peace purely from the act of creating and sharing the art, and loosen ego’s grip on the whole deal. I don’t think I’ll be happy trying to be “the best rapper” cause I’m not sure if I believe that even exists, and if we’re talking “most successful” I think Dre’s got it on lock soo… I just wanna make some rap music, spread love, and vibe with the people who feel the same nahmean??

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