Sleepy Floyd

                                                       Exclusive Interview 

Bio: What’s good, I’m Sleepy Floyd from the south side of Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a collective/label whatever you wanna call it called CROWNTOWNSOUNDS it consists of many artists that go by the names of Worthy, Cep, Wolfe, Delux & Jay Danza. Growing up, writing was the way I expressed myself. Ive always been good with words. But It wasn’t until I linked up with Jay Danza who’s my manager now, that I really started thinking about taking it seriously. His pops got us a mic and everything happened from there. We were like 12 or 13 recording off instrumentals from YouTube & shit you know? Just having fun with it, then as time went by niggas really started putting the time & effort into this rap shit tryna make something out of nothing.

Top 5 Influences: As a student of the game I go through many phases where Im influenced by different artists & it shows in my music. But my top 5 influences are J. Cole , Kendrick Lamar, Big L, Cassidy , and Wiz Khalifa. I’d say These artist have definitely influenced me not just with music but in life.

New projects that are coming out: I have a couple projects in the works right now but the next one to drop is WOA2. It’s part 2 of my WOA series which stands for “Work of Art”. I dropped the first one on Spinrilla my 17th birthday so I’ll drop this one on my 20th birthday December 5th. It’s only going to be about 6 or 7 tracks I’m also dropping new singles and visuals before then.


One thing I would tell my fans: One thing I would tell my fans is thank you. I appreciate all the love and support I get. I was a fan before I was an artist so how could I not? Spread the music & spread love!


What are you biggest goals for 2016: My biggest goals for 2016 would have to be to build my fanbase even more than how it is now & also to be able to perform & get booked for shows in my own city.

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