Drako Scratch

                                                        Exclusive Interview 

Bio: I’m Daniel Renken, aka Drako Scratch, a young rapper from Houston, Texas. H-town, Bayou City, 713, whatever you wanna call it. I’ve only been making this music for a couple months now but I like to believe I’m better than most rappers my age (17). I’ve always been a big fan of what I guess you would call “conscious” rap. So I like making music sorta like that. I like telling stories with my raps. Sometimes it’s pretty depressing music, but that’s just what I enjoy. And sometimes I just like to make ridiculous shit too. But I always try to use complex rhymes and flows to keep things interesting. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who built his own home studio with a great mic and a laptop with Logic Pro, so that’s where I do all my recording. And he’s a musician himself so he already has experience with mixing and mastering, so we get to do it all right there without having to pay for studio time or editing. You can find my music on SoundCloud by just looking up “Drako Scratch”. it’s a weirdass name so I don’t think anyone else would have it.

Top 5 influences: Easy question. As I said before, I’m really into lyrics. So my top 5 are all the people who I consider the best lyricists. In no specific order; Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Nas, Eminem, and MF Doom. I love the way all of those artists handle rhyme and their ability to tell detailed stories and paint vivid pictures through their lyrics.

New projects: I have ideas for an 11 track album planned out, but I won’t actually start writing the songs for it until December. And if it goes as planned, it’ll be out on ITunes, Spotify, and probably a few other platforms by either late February or sometime in March 2017. But until then, I’ll have plenty of singles and a couple short EP’s dropping on SoundCloud.

What helped me get into music: When I was a kid I would always just listen to whatever music my older brothers listened to. When I heard the band Sublime I took a special interest in them and that’s really when my love of music started. For a while I just listened to indie or alternative rock bands. I didn’t really get into rap until I was 13 and heard Tyler The Creator. I always just thought it was awesome how intense his lyrics were, so I quickly became a big Odd Future fan. And as I got older my musical horizons just grew and I fell in love with hip hop as a whole. Then I would just freestyle for fun with my friends and encourage them to try it too. Eventually people started telling me my freestyles were actually pretty hot, so I started writing songs.

One thing I would tell my fans: First off, thank you so much for the support I’ve already been getting! It’s great when people I don’t even know hit me up on Instagram or Twitter to tell me that they think I’m doing something unique and dope with my music. All I really gotta say is, stay with me and keep listening because I’m only getting better and better and I got more shit coming all the time. And keep up with me on social media. Twitter: Instagram: drako_scratch.

Biggest goals for 2016: My goals at this point are to just keep making music, keep improving, and keep growing my fanbase. Right now I just want to release singles as much as possible to grow my fanbase so that when this full album comes out in February or March 2017, I can have a good amount of fans that will listen to it and spread it around.

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