Ace Guru


                                         Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

My top 5 influences are Capital Steez, Logic, Ab Soul, Dizzy Wright, and Erick Arc Elliott from FBZ mainly cuz of the lyric content


My first project is coming out in November. My first mixtape is coming out February 2017, and My first album only has beats rn so that’s still being figured out with the bros and I.


Well alot of things helped me get into music. At first I was really into music from the instrumental stand point because I had cousins in bands and I had seen them working with producers and managers so I was really into learning an instrument. Poetry came in shortly after that and without a doubt Poetry put me on to old school boom bap rap like Lord Finesse, Pete Rock, J Dilla, MF DOOM, Quasimoto/Madlib, Mobb Deep, and Organized Konfusion.


What really got me into making music tho was hearing Capital Steez spit his verse from suspect by Joey Bada$$. Then one day I tried to freestyle Choked then started writing and now 4 years later here I am


On thing I would tell my fans is that legitimately Our minds will always be the most powerful things about us if we focus and put in effort.


My biggest goal for 2016 is probably hitting a thousand or more views on any music video I plan to drop this year because I want to triple the amount of eyes on my music

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