Riecee Siren

Riecee Siren delivers complex flows and excellent lyricism to complete her own style. Her music has quite a bit of variety and a great deal of technical skill. Go vibe out with her music and check out her exclusive interview!


Riecee Siren was Born “Falonn Lawriece Witherspoon” on August 15th 1986. A different child from Birth as when she was only a few days old lying in the Nursery at Underwood Memorial Hospital in Woodbury NJ, A band of Asians blew her kisses and talked to her through the window thinking she was their baby. Riecee has had a love affair with music since she was a child, remembering an instance when she was sad because she never got a Chance to audition to sing the lead for “Heal The World” in a 1st Grade concert. Also recalling the blank look on College speakers faces when in fourth grade she was the only child who said she wanted to be something they didn’t have classes for, A Famous Singer. Riecee wasn’t showy about her talent as most didn’t even know she sang.Another part of her music identity was revealed as she reluctantly became a member of a HipHop group “Renewed Disciples” that was also compared to “The Fugees”. Riecee only wanted to be a Solo artist but she began to repeatedly hear that her singing and presence in the group reminded people of “Lauryn Hill” and maybe she should rap. Never wanting to be referred to as “the singer that…..oh yea, rapped too”, knew she could only do this if she was going to be as good as she was at singing. In 2010 she started rapping regularly as she was getting rave reviews on her rapping thus far. At a gig at the College of New Jersey Riecee was with the group and after a performance met the Singer, “Mali” who was headlining the show. Mali told her that her voice sounded like a Siren and It resonated with Riecee so that she held on to it for her solo career. In 2012 Riecee decided to begin her Solo career and wanting to create a distinction from the group added the name “Siren” to her stage name “Riecee” so that people wouldn’t keep referring to her as “the girl from Renewed Disciples”. She released her EP “Enigma vs Siren” in May of 2012. She has had the priveledge of being considered by many major labels and also has had multiple opportunities to underwrite for Mainstream artists. Riecee released “Gravity” in May 2015 and she made iTunes Top 100 New R&B releases for the first couple days. In December “Loyal” was released and debuted on iTunes Top 100 New HipHop releases its first day. Siren also dropped a “Gravity” and “Loyal” Video which are both on Youtube. Riecee favorite artist and artist that have most influenced her are: Marvin Gaye, Tonex/B.Slade, Detrick Haddon, Janelle Monae and Commissioned. Her favorite singers are a mixed bag of people like: Jasmine Sullivan, Ella Fitzgerald, Debbie and Marvin Winans just to name a few. With her favorite Rappers being a mixed bag of Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, TI, Jada Kiss and Outkast to name another few and the unobvious Missy Elliot for her Creative Genius that makes her an icon. For African American women it appears that the Music Industry only wants you if you’re willing to twerk and wear booty shorts but Riecee is on a mission to pave a road so that talented dope females don’t have to do anything other than be talented and dope. Because of this its taking her longer but the thought of the people that are to follow her keep her focused on her purpose. Riecee falls in-between many categories of music: such as Gospel, HipHop, R&B and Pop. Not feeling that dopeness is something that needs to be pinpointed and categorized, she continues to break industry rules by staying with her diversity feeling that one day a hungry hurting world will appreciate just plain old Good Music.  Since Riecee doesn’t want to do the typical “sex kitten act” that the Music Industry rolls out. In efforts to be Herself, Original and Trendy, all at one time it made her search for the type of originality that she couldn’t find and so she created her own Clothing Line out of a Need that wasn’t being met. She started with glasses that she called “Sirens” and now has expanded to Snapbacks, Handbags, Male and Female Clothes and she just began making Jewelry. In doing this she has branded herself and people who may not know her face know her by the tag “Misfit” and her appearance. Since she is an odd fit to the Industry she also has a label getting ready to launch called “Misfit Music”. The same way the Island of Misfit Toys was there for all of the “odd” and “messed up” Toys, Misfit Music is the landing spot for the Misfit Artists that don’t fit Industry standards or who sneer at the limits known as “rules”. Riecee Siren is the Misfit Maniac.


Exclusive Interview

 Top 5 Influences:

Marvin Gaye
Deitrick Haddon
Kendrick Lamar
Janelle Monet

New Projects:

A Mixtape is on the Horizon but the date is unknown
Definitely dropping a New HipHop Single “Misfit Maniac” before the year is out. Probably towards the end of the Fall

What Helped Me Get Into Music:

I grew up in church. I’ve been singing since I was like 5. It was the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I started rapping because I was in a Rap Group and they compared us to the Fugees and me to Lauryn Hill. It was suggested and then almost a demand that I rap so I started but I wasn’t gonna do it unless I was good. I write all of my music and writing is my survival. It’s how I get the Venom out after the Vipers of life strike.

1 Thing I’d Tell My Fans:

Be Yourself. I can’t beat Nicki Minaj being Nicki Minaj, but she for dang sure can’t beat me being me. I don’t want to be the next her. I wanna be the first Riecee Siren. God will make you painfully different and odd so you can make History. Being Different isn’t a curse. You’re the Blueprint for those that follow. BELIEVE

Goals for 2016:

I just wanna get this Project Out and Keep dropping music regularly. I think “Misfit Manic” is really gonna turn a corner for me so I am honed in.


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