Mizzy Raw

Mizzy Raw brings dope original flow over the soulful jazzy production on his song “Mixed Liquor. ” Excellent lyricism throughout the whole track and I love the picture he paints. This kid has fire on fire so be sure to keep watch..Mizzy Raw is going straight to the top!


Mizzy Raw was born in Philadelphia, PA, but after multiple run-ins with the streets of West Philly, Mizzy packed up his clothes, his aging experiences, kissed his Nana good-bye and headed down south to Jacksonville, FL. Knowing that he had to make this move a productive one, he began to write and free-style every chance he got. After a while people began to notice this young man’s potential and talent, booking him for shows, tours and even fashion shows. Now 22 and representing his own brand of “Loyalty X Dedication X Respect” also known as LDR or 3STRiiiPEZ (no affiliation with Adidas) has an expanding LDR fan base in Florida, New York and California, this young, hungry artist is just getting started. He prides himself on crafting his own sound but uses the creative influences of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kanye West, Nipsey Hussle and Chance the Rapper as inspiration. With his 23rd birthday right around the corner, Mizzy is gearing up to release his new mixtape “Raw Thoughts”, continue expanding his brand to new levels, turning his craft into a business and finally making all his hard work official with hopes of signing a record deal sooner than later. The one thing that keeps Mizzy going every day is not only the faith he has in himself but the unrelenting support of his fans.

Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Mizzy Raw Soundcloud: Mizzy Raw

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