Fa$t Life

Give us your bio,Who are your top 5 influences,When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                                                    Exclusive Interview

Bio : Born in Washington D.C 1992 , Raised in Atlanta . Fast Life ( Ed Weathers ) of Fast Life Society ( FL$ ) is an Artist, Rapper, Visionary  , Songwriter and Designer . Lives life based off the motto ” If we don’t change the world who will ” . 

1. ) My top 5 influences  are Culture ,  Reality , Life , Family and Prosperity. I’m influenced by life as it is in general and life as we plan for it to be . I’m influenced by the youth , what a time to be apart of the culture shift forwards . 

2.) ” 199X” is my debut Independent Album , projected for release this Winter . Expect 2-3 more tracks to be released individually via soundcloud as well as a plethora of visuals this Summer And Fall . 

199X is An Album and Short Film as well directed by some friends and myself as well . 

3.) My cousin Christian Johnson helped me get my first start in music teaching me how to record and create melodies when we were kids. 

4.) I would tell my fans and the youth in general , To never abandoned their craft or skills no matter what they are and there is nothing you can’t accomplish with discipline , drive and determination. I would also tell my fans thanks for supporting myself and all other members and entities of the Fast Life Brand. 

5.) My biggest goal for 2016 is to deliver an amazing project for the people having a successful release as well as a continuous path towards to success as an artist , designer , visionary as well as launching a non profit organization for the youth designed to uplift communities everywhere 

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