Exclusive Interview

Bio: I’m a 20 year old rap Artist/Producer from the Detroit Michigan area. I’ve been rapping since 8 years old but recently decided to take it serious at the end of 2014. Since then I’ve steadily built my skills as a lyricist, I can flow on anything from boom bap, to trap beats but my own style is sticking to the roots. I also recently built my own studio in my basement. My goal with my music is to remind people that authentic hiphop still exist, and spread good vibes and to instill in people that all it takes is the right mindset to do anything.

My top 5 influences are: Eminem forsure I’ve been listening to Eminem for as long as I can remember, the older I got the more clear and clever his music got to me. His ability to twist and put words together undoubtedly places him as my favorite rapper of all time, also Nas I first started listening to Nas around 09 but didn’t really understand the depth of his lyrics till I got a little older. His ability to tell a story while just shuffling through rhyme schemes really amazed me. Also Notorious Big, those 3 I think I draw the most inspirational from as far as my flow. Also Common and J. Cole. These artist are in heavy rotation daily. Notorious Big: Biggie is definitely the first rapper that got me IN to hiphop. Extra emphasis on that in. After seeing notorious I went home and downloaded every Biggie song I could and it was wraps from there. I loved the rawness of his lyrics, his voice I think is one of the greatest, you can hear him spit from the pit of stomach when he really gets going, another reason I also love Nas. Common: definitely is one of my favorite lyricist and was always a fan of his production, preferably in his 90s era, where he definitely stood out from the rest of the rappers around him. Resurrection was the first thing I heard by him and I’ve been a fan ever since J Cole I say probably has the most influence on my art as a whole, relating and listening to him so much, his chill and calm approach in his music has rubbed off on me a bit, but just like him, I can become a real threat at any given moment

Projects: I’m working on my debut project ‘Take A Trip In My Mind’ Ep which is nearly finished, but I’m waiting to get a bit more buzz before I release it

What helped me get into music: A few things, being out of high school with no career path and scared to use the talent I had, I’ve always been a shy kid. The constant suggestion to do music mixed with the fact I was already in love with hiphop with no other plans. It was just automatic from that point

One thing I would tell my fans: one thing I would tell my fans is that the only thing that’s stopping you from doing whatever you want to do is your mind, once you get control over that and stop letting toxic thoughts take control. You can be anything

Biggest goals for 2016. My biggest goals this year are to wake people up, I know there’s people that don’t believe in me and I’m ready to prove them wrong. Also take over this city, if its not happening this year then it has to happen next. I also want to be 100% content with my music more than I am now, I often doubt myself a bit

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