Smokey Jay


Josh Falter 22 years old born in fort worth. Im Looking to level the “rap game” by bringing real music to the table. With lyrics and content that make you feel wavy and think outside the box.

Top 5 influences:

At #1 its a tie between Dizzy Wright & Mac Miller as corny as that sounds theyve helped me grow as a person and a artist. After that Kid Cudi, Jonny Cash and Rockie fresh.

When are your new projects coming out? :

Im releasing my first studio EP  titled Sunny Side Up November 18th. Until then enjoy my latest single featuring abhi the nomad titled of visionaries and mad men.

What helped you get into music?

 actually was pushed and encourage by a close group of friends. My buddy Arderian Benton had been making music for awhile and introduced me to the game and the ins and outs. Ive been rapping since my sophomore year in highschool. Shortly after school ended i took year off to develop my flow/style and sound to become more versatile.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Im nothing without you guys. My dream will continue to live on thru everyone of you. As long as you rock with me i promise ill never let you down without leaving a lasting impression on you. Biggest goals for 2016 To finish it out with a bang, im looking to open for Dizzy Wright in october just hope it all goes as planned.

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