CJ Williams

                                            Exclusive Interview

Bio: CJ Williams is a Christian Hip-Hop artist, music producer, and audio post-production engineer from Atlanta, GA. He has been interested in music all his life, but his personal musicianship started at the age of 9 with the choice of drums. CJ spent many years improving his drumming skills, and eventually, he became skilled enough to play in his church praise band. It was during this time that CJ found a new love for music. He just loved being a part of leading worship for his church congregation and decided to pursue musicianship in different instruments. CJ then began to focus on piano and voice, and over time, he improved in both areas; however, he considers drumming his primary instrument. CJ also drummed for his high school and was a captain of his high school drum line. He improved in the skill of composing and arranging music over his high school years by working with his band director and writing some stand tunes for their marching band. While CJ was still drumming in the praise band at his church, he became more and more interested in Christian music and leading worship. He then began spending a lot of time writing Christian music; CJ felt the calling from God to be in the music ministry. Since then, CJ has written numerous Christian songs and has decided to pursue a career in being a Christian artist, a dream he has had for a while. CJ released his debut album, “Servant”, on August 26, 2014 and started establishing himself as an artist. His sophomore album, “Unashamed”, is set to be released on September 30, 2016. His music mainly falls into the genres of Christian hip-hop, rap, and pop, and he hopes to reach the masses with his songs one day. He not only wants to put down a great beat but also provide a great message for people to hear. CJ has also been attending the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media to further his skills as a producer and engineer. He is one quarter away from graduating and currently holds a 4.0 GPA. His degree will be an Associate’s in Audio Production and Post-Production. “Help take part in my mission…let’s spread His message loudly!”

Top 5 Influences: I would have to say my top five influences are: Trip Lee, tobyMac, Lecrae, KB, and Andy Mineo.

When new projects are coming out: My sophomore album, Unashamed, is set to be released this September 30th.


What helped me get into music: Throughout high school, I played in the drum line within our marching band and participated in concert band as well. It was during these years that I realized my passion and love for music. I became the worship team drummer at my church, and this led me into the direction of Christian music. I felt the calling from God to pursue the career as a Christian artist once I began writing songs. And of course, my family has always supported me and has shared my love for music. My mom raised me to love and appreciate music.

One thing I’d tell my fans: Thank you so much for all of the love and support you give me!! I think of you as family!

Biggest goals of 2016: My biggest goal of 2016 is simple. It’s a lifelong goal as well. I’d like to reach the masses with God’s message one day. He’s the reason I do what I do, and without Him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Help take part in my mission…let’s spread His message loudly!

As part of my interview, I would also like to thank you for giving me this opportunity tho share. God Bless!

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