Ace Deniro


                          Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences, When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?  What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

I’m originally from Brooklyn New York, but grew up in Florida. I’m 26 years old, I’m married and have a two year old son. I have three sisters Growing up I wanted to be a boxer, I used to always get into it with dudes from picking on me because my hair was so long so my parents cut my hair but I was still wanted to train and box. I always had good grades in school was always top of the class until about jr high. Then all I started caring about and focusing on was my appearance and girls just like most teenage boys do at that age lol, you couldn’t tell me anything. It was probably around then I really starting paying more attention to music like the actual lyrics and beats. I grew up on all kinds of music. The first music I owned growing up was outkast ataliens on cassette,my oldest sister tashena bought it for me. My older sisters were always playing the latest joints, we would have the radio blasting while playing video games, my second oldest sister Amanda used to have a huge cd collection and I remember asking her to borrow this cd and that cd to listen to. Im really fortunate to be exposed to so much great music. Once I got to high school I was interested in being a music producer, but after doing a project on it in high school i realized I didn’t have the money for the equipment or the know-how to use it so that dream faded. So once I get to high school I’m just like, I’m tired of school but I can’t support myself either so until I can I gotta figure something out so I got into the streets and never looked back. I graduated high school but soon after is when the reality of adulthood set in and I started racking up charges. I was always freestyle rapping ever since I was little, something about a good beat would just start somethin going in me and I can’t help myself I just gotta get the words out. One of my homies cousins used to call me jukebox because of it lol. So run ins with police, get on probation get off get on, get off, just a cycle but one of the last times I went in was on a violation of probation and I was looking at a sales charge in a different case. So i made a deal with god if I somehow get out of all of this I’ll start rapping. I met a local rapper who was also an inmate at the jail, he heard me free styling one morning and was like yo you rap? And I’m like Na he’s like why not? At the time I was so heavy in the streets I wasn’t thinking of or considering rapping but I figured this was God talking to me and giving me a way out, i got about a month later went to court all charges were dropped so I kept my promise.

My top 5 influences are: Jay-z. Pusha T, Jadakiss, Cassidy, and Dmx

My first tape “the dark side” will be out within a few weeks but I’m currently working on two other projects as well

How I got into music People used to hear me freestyle and ask why don’t you rap, I was just so blinded by street fame I was ignoring my talent but sitting in jail gives you plenty of time to think so I’m fulfilling my promise

One thing I’d tell my fans is never give up On anything because it always gets greater later

My biggest goals for 2016 is build my fan base, put out some of the best visuals, really make the world find out who I am and put out quality street music

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