RR The Hitman

Who are your top 5 influences,When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                               Exclusive Interview

My top five musical influences Outside of my team are Wayne, Drake, J Cole, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. Wanye has literally thought me the importance of metaphors and similes as wel as creativity. Also the demonstration of showing appreciation of a mixtape. Drake has definitely taught the importance of longevity and to take the game by storm. Understanding that being different will only further your position in the rap game. At one point everyone hated on drake for singin now everyone does it lol. Delivery also is a big thing. Kanye west is definitely top 3 of the five. So many people hate on Kanye try to say he crazy and he a Kardashian but is one of the only pure creatives in the game now. Some one who don’t give a fuck about what no one think or lookin stupid but just experimenting in the realms of creative music. Something that is not only hard to get into but to do good. Great Rapper and Producer. JCole is so soulful man, really puts passion and emphasis into his music, j Cole music overall has taught me to keep goin when niggas look down on you and how Puttin life into your music will make a difference, One of the best lyricist definitely someone I plan to work with very soon. Last but not least kid Judi another creative. I wouldn’t even consider kid Cudi a rapper he’s just talented in what he does lol, seriously tho. He seperates himself in what is to be expected and what’s already been done. People like that open up avenues to different routes of music that artists generally look for. A really relatable artist.


I’m constantly working on different projects, a lot I won’t be able to work on effectively for lack of resources but my most current projects are Sample Me Which Will Be my best mixtape since I’ve started rapping and that’s all I really wanna say about it. I’m working on it with My Partner 528 Sonnie have been for over a year, I don’t wanna spoil it by revealing it’s content but the shit go hard. I’ve released one of its song Shame on my soundcloud but that’s all. I’m also Working with CAMMYBANDS on various projects (on the producer end) all the time. Really gettin us together in the hood makin a name for ourselves. We Working on another project also called “I’m With The Hitman” over all of my beats while featuring on a couple tracks but, we gone take a different approach with this tape than we did “Its Bands Baby” (Check that out on spinrilla). But yeah there’s so much that we’re still just experimenting with


I’ve alway just had a natural ability to create music. This is what I was born to do without a doubt lol. There’s seriously nothing else I could imagine doing than this. I believe I feel and hear music in a way other people don’t. 4th grade I started reading music, and playing piano, than trumpet. When I was 14 I started rapping, at 15 I was engineering my on mixtapes. When I turned 18 I met Sonnie Carsin who taught me to produce and we’ve been working ever since on creating our business.


There’s a couple things I’d like to tell my Fans. 1. To be patient with me. I’m a perfectionist, I have so many songs that I’ve never dropped just because I want to give you guys the best I can give. Puttin out bullshit is not somethin I’m into. Also Knowing when I’m serious and when I’m not. I enjoy making all types of music, and as a result of experimentation some of my music isn’t gonna be serious, sometimes I might just wanna freestyle, sometimes I might wanna vibe on some chill shit. Everything won’t be serious.


My biggest Goals I wish to not speak of, but as far as a step in reaching those goals would be to take over the city 

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