Encyclopedia Brown



With a style defined as “classically trained hip hop” emcee, deejay, and beatmaker Encyclopedia Brown is the quintessential triple threat. A Bolingbrook native, he’s been living and loving the culture and music that is hip hop for over 30 years. Initially getting involved with breaking and graffiti, Brown began writing rhymes at the age of 10, showing notable promise early on. Jumping into the Chicago battle scene in the late 90’s, he has battled with legendary emcees like Eyedea, Rhymefest, Flapz, Moodswangz, and Qwel, while coming up during the golden age of Chicago Hip Hop. Known for possessing an amazing ear for music and a commanding voice, Encyclopedia Brown is a current throwback to a greater period of word slingers. A multi-layered artist and an incredible party rocker, he’s been a member of several noteworthy Chicago crews such as CypherBulliez, Nacrobats, and supergroup Giraffe Nuts. He continues to perform as an MC and DJ throughout the region as well, impressing crowds with a dynamic stage show and an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Remaining a stalwart in the scene, he occasionally serves as Psalm One’s touring DJ as well as serving as resident dj/co-host of Chicago’s Original Rap Karaoke in Wicker Park.

Top 5 Influences:

1) A Tribe Called Quest – Really kinda like Tribe, Dilla, De La Soul, that whole movement/sound. I grew up listening to a lot of jazz and even playing the trumpet, so their vibe really resonated with me. 2) Wu-Tang – The way they were able to bring you into their universe was incredible to me. 3) MF DOOM – His level of output when he came back on the scene, and the fact that he did it on his own terms was so remarkable. And he wears a mask nigga, I mean come on… 4) Masta Ace – He’s truly an unsung hero. Amazing storytelling skills, songwriting ability, delivery, content, showmanship. Just everything. I wrote my first like 20 verses to the Slaughtahouse album. Wore that yellow tape the fuck out hahaha!! 5) Biggie – He wasn’t afraid to get personal in his songs. The vulnerability factor was there, if you really listened, it was actually pretty high. Whatever was going on in Big’s life you pretty much knew through his music. He held nothing back.

New Projects:

I got a few in the works at the moment. There’s the album me and my homie Kenny Keys finished earlier this year that’s in the post production phase currently. So you know, we’re shooting videos and finalizing a lot of things on the other end to make sure it’s received properly. I got another album I’m working on with a buddy I grew up with named Esley, my original producer, I pretty much learned how to make beats through him. We’ve known each other forever so a project between us was long overdue. He actually gave me the name Encyclopedia Brown. And I got a couple self produced side projects taking shape showcasing my production skills that I’m fleshing out as well. Realistically these all will be coming out at the beginning of 2017. I might release a few surprises to close out 2016, something for the public to dig on till the next purging of music commences…all of which will be available on as always (shameless plug)

What helped you get into music:

Just wanting to contribute something to the culture in some form or fashion that would be significant. I grew up with this music, it’s a major part of who I am. It helped me find my voice as an individual and allows me to tell my story, to the world, however I see fit. I put a lot of my personal life into my music, so the fact that I can make a song that a complete stranger can relate to and take something away from is a rewarding thing. Or that I can convey a feeling or vibe to someone through music, and they get it, they understand where I’m coming from, is just really cool honestly. It’s a form of therapy money can’t buy.

One thing you would tell your fans:

Not to sound cliché but, THANK YOU. Their love and support has helped inspire and drive me to make better music. I continue to want to impress them and gain their admiration.

Biggest goals for 2016:

Continue to build and utilize the resources I’ve acquired over the years. I’ve been fortunate enough to make friends with a lot of great individuals who make incredible contributions to life and I want to follow suit and join forces so we can do great things together. And push this music and keep this culture of hip hop, in which I love, alive for the next generation.

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