Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences, When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?


                                    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


Roman Bishop/Bishop Swagghop was raised by his foster mother/auntie in Chicago.Illinois He credits them for there support and direction, which resulted in an unquenchable thirst to rise in his career.Roman has remained focused through the hard times with that support from his foster mother and his faith in God. Even as a child, his desire to shine was apparent in his optimistic attitude toward life. He spent his childhood watching t.v writing poetry and dreaming and with his mind centered on the true american dream. Roman Bishop is now quickly emerging as a promiident buisness man.Beginning a new trend of music called Swagghop which he says HipHop was born in NewYork and Swagghop was born in the midwest Roman Bishop has visions to sustain those around him with his triumphs. He has a passion for youth and his desire is to encourage them to remain confident in themselves, stay in school, say no to drugs, and to keep focused in life. An aspiration to serve others keeps him vigilant in pressing forward into his thriving future.He’s also is the brain child behind RIP BOOTLEG FILMZ,I EAT BOOKS LLC,The Certified Nuttz Cartoon Series & The Richmond Boyz Movement!! With his growing fan base, driving forces, entrepreneurial spirit, true inspiration, and family love and support,Roman Bishop is at this juncture to reside. You can expect to see a phenomenal rise from this wise hip-hop artist/business man with immense substance. Roman Bishop approaches his career with an entrepreneurial spirit and he is bound for an enduring conquest. Remain on watch for Roman Bishop as this talented performer is set to revolutionize the industry!


2pac,Malcolm X,Scarface,Dame Dash & Master P


My struggle helped me get into music,It was my only therapy that I could go to when I felt like when I had the world on my shoulders. Rather than talk to a therapist I talked to a beat. It started off with poetry then converted to music!! Music kept me out of trouble as well introduced me 2 away of expressing myself..


Ill tell my fans to never give up even when the odds are against you.


My biggest goals of 2016 is to keep growing as an artist as well as a business man, To get my book Incarcerated @ Birth published & make my website a house hold name.. Swagghop- (Genre of music) Started in the Midwest by Bishop B (now known as Bishop Swagghop). It is a combination of various styles of music to create an entirely new one. Swagghop has strong influences of east coast Hip Hop, with southern trap music and even some R&B along with its own unique flow. The Swagghop movement is underway and thousands of fans throughout the Midwest and the entire nation are joining in. This new style is quickly becoming one of the most popular around. How it was Born: Roman Bishop was watching 106&Park then heard Nas say Hip Hop is Dead and a lot of other rapper’s saying the same thang blaming the youth of killing Hip Hop… so a month later he had a dream, and in that dream a child “SWAGGHOP” was born Hip Hop’s son. So, Bishop woke up that morning and googled it. Nothing came up so that’s how he came up with “SWAGGHOP” Then he thought about 2pac’s “One Nation” theroy & thought this could be the rebirth of his idea what he tried to do before he passed. So, Bishop said Imma be Roman Bishop which he played “Bishop” in juice and there he was reborn. So his definition of SWAGGHOP is—Hip Hop was Born in New York. Gangsta Rap was born in Cali. Chopped & Screwed was born in the South. So, introducing “SWAGGHOP” was born in the Midwest. Which is a gumbo of all music even R&B, Rock & Roll and Soul, ”SWAGGHOP” is the next generation

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