$. Y. B



                                     EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Give us your bio

An upcoming artist coming out of Berkeley, CA. My name is Dolla$ign $t33z or just $t33z for short, I’m 18 ! Dolla$ign or no sign. It’s only the family! Follow me on Twitter : @k_st33zy , IG : @yk.kris , Snapchat : mr.bluestripz

Who are your top 5 influences

Drake off tops, he really speaks to me. I been a fan of Drake since his mixtape “Room For Improvement”.  I love Big Sean he can really spit. I functions with Mac Miller he a real deep conscious dude…bars are bananas. 50 Cent fasho was and still is my favorite rapper so he is a huge influence. Last but not least my family…Dolla$ign. We been through hell since 6th grade and most of us still rocking with each other and they inspire to do better. Shout out to them…they the ones that stayed and never left me.

When are your new projects coming out?

I don’t have specific dates yet, but trust me they are on the way ! Until then check my new single on Soundcloud “All That” featuring my bro S$p!kes…another hit for the ladies!


What helped you get into music?

Ummm…I don’t really know. I use to really listen to 50 Cent. I remember my mom bumping Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ in the car and  ever since then I wanted to be a rapper because of him. He will forever be my all time favorite. I had all the video games, CD’s, all that and I think he really inspired me to rap. 

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Thank you for the support. I work hard everyday and I’m only getting better. I promise as long as I’m living I’ll never run out of material. Keep the support coming!

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

To get closer to my dreams. I just want to be great. 2016 is coming to an end real soon but  hopefully I’ll be doing shows by the end of the year I need it all !

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