Black Magick Floe

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences, When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                               Exclusive Interview

Indie Virginia Beach rapper Black Magick Floe sets the stage for his new album, Pivotal Moments, by releasing a mellow, grungy, new single entitled “Move That” produced by ADOTHEGOD. Locally, he’s widely known as a diverse multi-faceted artist with dimension switching from choppy to smooth vibes — at the drop of a dime. His music truly embraces his region’s nightlife. Working alongside KO of TTG, Black Magick Floe has also put together another album entitled TTG BORN and READY — so be sure also to check for that. In the meantime, press play on the new single.

I have a upcoming album dropping THIS WED called BORN ready, a single entitled FIND your love coming very soon this week being released from my second album Pivotal Moments 2 which is finished but will drop in Mid October and than I have a mixtape called spell bound dropping probably in a month . Or less. Just for my fans to show them what I do to their favorite rappers beats. My influences musically I don’t really have any because I don’t really listen to music other than what’s presented to me. But I do like Big Sean he’s my favorite rapper so if anything it would be him at this point . Everybody else kinda not my style. My partner KO and DJ PWILL inspire me to make better music and be grateful for how far we came this far.


I been into music since I was very young like 7 at least and I been doing it off and on since than just now focused more than ever. One thing I will tell my fans all of them is , if you support me I’ll never stop creating or being responsible for good music. Regardless the genre. I’m not genre specific . I do music. All Kinds. 2016 will be filled with making my mark in the industry best way I can with the resources I have currently. I know I’ll be blessed to grow as long as my mindset stays the same. I just want to do music full time.

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