Give us your bio Who are your top 5 influences? When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                              Exclusive Interview

1). my bio…… You always fall before you conquer. This would be the best way to describe the life of young hip-hop artist Jason “Osyrus” Vogel. Born on October 25, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, music has always been an outlet for him. His passion for music started as a young kid when he began playing the drums and from there his interest only continued to grow. His early influences in music were names such as Wu- Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, and Nas. Jay had a normal childhood until suddenly at age 14, his father passed away. Jason then moved to a little town in Pennsylvania called Chalfont, with his sister and mother. Being raised by a single mother left him lots of time to get into trouble. While going in and out of juvenile facilities, talking to doctors, therapists and struggling to find himself, he began song writing. At first songwriting was just an outlet for his emotions, but he later realized he wanted to share his experiences and let people know they are strongest at their lowest. It was then at age 16 he became serious about pursuing a hip hop career. Several years later, he released his first tape in 2014, titled “When Gold Decays”. He has opened for artists such as Shwayze, Chris Webbie, Hi-Rez, Emilio Rojas and more. He has been featured on and a couple other blogs. and is now living in los angeles where he is working on his upcoming tape “My Great Escape” releasing this summer 2016.

2.) my top 5 influences 1) eminem 2) mgk 3) jon connor 4) jcole 5) nas

3.) i have a mixtape dropping july 13th called “My Great Escape” its been a year in the making a lot of great songs to relate to whether you have struggles with love all the way to alcoholism, or death in life. i also have a tape produced by beau billionaire coming out at the end of the summer followed up by my 3rd personal mixtape coming in winter that ill be working with el- chop on he is the newest member on the team and me and him have created our reject squad brand which clothing will drop for at end of summer as well. i have tons of m,music videos I’m putting out as well.

4.) for me music wasn’t a choice to just start rapping. i was in and out of institutions my whole entire teenage years. i was heavy into drug abuse and was always getting in trouble and doing the wrong things. i watched my father die when i was 14 and it sent me in to a spiral. i didn’t know what to do and i didn’t know how to feel. until i started journaling and then eventually that turned into poems then the poems turned into hip hop. for me hip hop helped me feel, live and see. i like to say that hip hop raised me and made me the man i am today and with out it id be lost.

5.) thing i would tell my fans is kinda just what reject squad is about. dont let anyone tell you you can’t do something. I’ve fallen so many times and wanted to give up so many times, I’ve been rejected and outcasted, I’ve been treated differently cause of how i think, and I’ve been beaten down, but no matter what i gott dig deep and find that spark that gave me that strength to my heart and i gotta never give up or let my self be defeated because it get worse before it gets better, no one can conquer until they have fallen first. dont give up and keep going in every aspect of life.

6.)my biggest goals this year its to really find a good management team put out a ton 0f videos and get a east coast or west coast tour going.

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