EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Björn Edqvist aka Skiss i was born in Sweden 1978 with music all around from my father and grandfather. At the age of 9 i started to play the trumpet with goals to become a classical trumpet player. Around the age of 11 i heard the sound of the Swedish duo Rob n Raz and also Leila K with songs like Bite The Beat and Got To Get. So this is in the 90´s and U Can´t Touch This with Mc Hammer was a big hype in Sweden, or at least in my house:-) and i remember how i tried to make my own beats with my fathers Roland keyboard. I so badly wanted to be and sound like Rob n Raz. My next step in beat making was when my friend showed me his Amiga computer and there was some music program. Maybe Noizetracker or Soundtracker, don´t remember. Suddenly i didn´t have any time for my friend i just wanted to create beats. Next step was when i got a trumpet mouthpiece from an older man. He had a tiny microphone operated into the mouthpiece so he could connect directly into to the sound system. The old man gave the mouthpiece to me after the gig and the next day i recorded in a special way. I had two cassette recorders and in one of them there was input so i could connect my new mouthpiece into the recorder. In the first recorder i had a cassette with the 4 beats that i made on my friends Amiga and the sound was transported over to the other recorder where i had my new mouthpiece with a microphone plugged in. So press play and rec, the beat was rolling and i started to ”rap”. (The rap was really bad, like, made up english mixed with swedish). If i wanted to record some overdubs to my rap i had to put the cassette from the second recorder into the first recorder and then do the process again and again and of course, the quality become worse and worse. (i actually have this 4 songs as a memory saved on my computer as mp3 files) One day i got a 4 track cassette recorder (Fostex i think) and i started to record more pro:ish. I played trumpet stabs, and bas lines and mixed it all to one track and so on and so on. I was born in Staffanstorp, Sweden. A small place and almost no one liked hip hop. I walked around with my big headphones and listened to Run Dmc, 2 Live crew, 2 Pac, Dr Dre, I think my biggest disappointment was when i found out that the beats was sampled from great funk music. At that time i was 15 years old and for me that was some kind of stealing but at the same time it opened up a new door to funk music i´ve never heard. Parlament, George Clinton, James Brown. I tried to sample but its not my thing. I prefere trying to create my own melodies but also trying to respect the art form of sampling, maybe try to make the horn parts i play sound like it was a sample from a record. I also like how the beat makars can put together different samples and make them sound so good. Maybe some day i will learn the art of sampling. Now 2016, Skiss Project is all about making my own type of beats by trying to play as much on my own. I want to play as many thing i can so i can force myself to learn new instruments. I bought an Mpc but i don´t use it to create, i use it when i perform live. I now have friends that can sing and rap. With my beats and there skillz i release music that i like and it feels good. If other people like the music we make it would mean the world to me and to my Super friends. Thats the titel of my latest release. Before i stop Writing i also want to mention one of my Super friends: Loulou Lamotte. We made an Ep and it will be released the 13th of august by the name: Almost there. There is one singel out by the name Pray for you, go check it out on Spotify, Apple music or buy the music on iTunes. /Skiss


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