Give us your bio Who are your top 5 influences? When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                             EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


My name’s Grettel Batista, but I just go by Grettel. I was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida since the age of three. I came to the U.S with just my mother- we had nothing but the clothes on our backs. Watching my mother work hard everyday to make sure that I didn’t lack anything while growing up, made me into the independent woman I am today. She raised me all by herself without a man at her side.

Music has always been at the soul of everything I do. I’ve loved it since I can remember. I can’t really recall the very first time I fell in love with music, because it’s always been a part of me. I always like to say I was born loving it. My family is very musical. They’re also very artistic. I have an enormous family so there’s that. We have poets, singers, artists… Most of my aunts were teachers before they retired. My mother loves to sing, and my father loves to dance.

I can however tell you the first time I fell in love with writing… I was in fourth grade writing class and my teacher told us to write a short story. I wrote a mystery. My teacher told me that she loved it, and that was all it took for me to keep writing from then on. It started with short stories and then by the age of eleven I had already filled numerous journals with songs. It was also at that age that I received my first solo in fifth grade chorus.

When I got to middle school I started writing seriously. My songs now rhymed, and had a more mature theme to them. I would post videos on YouTube all the time… Although you won’t be able to find them now, because I deleted them a long time ago. Then in high school I started taking my singing seriously. My sophomore year of high school I met with a producer and almost got signed to the label he was working for, but my mother didn’t agree with the contract at the time so she pulled me out before I even got a chance to make music with him. So I was a little defeated after that, but then I got back on YouTube and started posting covers of famous songs.

I then went on to record a couple of covers with my friend Jimmy who’s an amazing guitarist, and my friend Natalie, a wonderful vocalist. That was when I realized I wanted to make music for the rest of my life- as a profession. So I bought myself a Mac, and started messing around with GarageBand. I collaborated with with my friend Kevin- he’s a great writer and rapper. We made a song called “Feel Alive.” I’d go to his house a lot and we’d spend hours writing and messing around with samples. His brother Ronnie is a producer and has a studio at home, so we recorded one of Kevin’s songs, which I’m featured on, there.

I haven’t stopped since. I started producing my own songs on GarageBand. And that’s how “Scared Minds” came to life. I was messing with some sounds and the lyrics came to me. I wrote the song as I created the instrumental. It all took me about 8 hours to produce, write, and record. The lyrics themselves took me less than an hour.

I’m currently working on my demo which should be out in a couple of months. I’m a perfectionist, so I want it to be in top shape in order to share it with the world. But it should be out before September.

My biggest goals for 2016 are to finish my demo, and begin performing my songs live.

My top five influences are Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, The Beatles, and Ed Sheeran. One thing I would tell my fans would be to always follow your dreams. Anything that you are passionate about is worth pursuing. Don’t settle. Settling is for when you’re dead.



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