Jonny Enigma


                       EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences, When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

{bio} Jonny Enigma, also known by Nobody, is the founder of the collective, “None Knows Everything”, and is an unknown force of original hip-hop music in Arkansas. the name Jonny Enigma says a lot about myself already, cause i really don’t know as much about myself as I think I do, and am learning more about myself everyday. putting a “bio” down on paper, is harder to me than making a song, and giving a piece of myself to the world. a few things that are known is that Jonny Enigma would be considered a late bloomer in hip hop for the fact that he didn’t get into it till he was in the 7th grade, and didn’t actually start writing, producing, and engineering hip hop until I hit the grade 10. it’s been 3 years now since I made my first song, and doing that I fell in love with genre so much more and haven’t loved another one since as much since then. there’s really not much to say cause, if I say there would be no interest in getting to know me anymore! {influences} when people ask me who my influences are, no one really comes to mind. I was a late bloomer in hip/hop, so what I was listening to before I got into it were bands like Motley Crüe, Korn, Weezer, and SOME 50 Cent. I would say that would prolly would have contributed to why my music is “different” from each song I make and other music that is out. I do however, think of a certain artist or person depending on what I’m doing in the moment. for example, if I’m mixing and mastering, the image I have in my mind is Mike Dean engineering someone else’s work, or if I’m producing a beat, in the back of my mind I’m thinking of Noah “40” Shebib or Kanye. I think of Biggie and Big L while rapping, and I think of Lil Wayne while recording. I can pick one thing from each one of those artists, that pushes me to achieve the same thing, in my own manner. Lil Wayne’s work ethic when it comes to recording is insane, having over 1000 songs by 25. especially after watching Tha Carter 3 Documentary a bunch of times, his passion for the music is uncomparable. 40 is an amazing producer, with sounds anyone can dig, Mike Dean is an engineering wizard, and Kanye is super creative, and wasn’t respected as a rapper until he made people respect him as one. besides people, my biggest influence is around me. my settings. oh and women. women are great muses.


{projects} as of now, I’m working on a 16 song long project, all self produced/recorded/engineered, titled “Dokimi Kismet”, which translates to “Testing Fate”. I hope to have the project out by November of 2016, but I’m not solidifying that date just so I don’t rush myself and ruin the potential quality of the project. it’ll for sure be coming out early next year. but besides my own project, I have recently engineered an EP that’s not out yet, and have contributed to a few songs on another project titled, “Lowlife Melodies”.

{get into music} I’ve always enjoyed listening to music, but I’d have to say my mom is the catalyst to me creating music now. she took me to get saxophone to play in the school band when I was in 5th grade, and from there it just kinda took off. through playing in band, I got more than enough general knowledge about music, and even though I dropped in the 9th grade, the information stuck. I was presented the opportunity to record a song with a friend of mine late 10th grade year, and being the studio, even though it was make shift, the experience of just being there and the process of making a song was so surreal to me. after making that song, I KNEW I had to start making music for myself. so when I got fired from Subway in 11th grade, I bought a Maschine, a mic, and a pop filter, and just took off from there. since then I taught myself a lot and am learning/willing to learn everyday

{fans} the one thing I have to say to my supporters is: thank you so much for your support for all I do and the patience you have to wait till it happens. I am nothing without you, and to have y’all believe in NKE they way y’all do, I can’t put into words. I am just the mind creating, y’all as an audience are the body wildn out at the shows, and the energy we make the world feel is due to the pure spirit and emotion. very silly way to show appreciation for everything and say I love you all, so I’m gunna say it not so silly. thank you for everything and I love you all 🙂 so much in store for the future, I’m excited for us.

{goals} my main goals for 2016 is to make a legitimate hip-hop movement in the state of Arkansas, to where we are recognized for it all over the country the same way the East and West coast art recognized for it. I also want to focus a lot of my time for this new project, so my Nobodies have something new to listen to. but my last goal I would say I have is broadening my network and trying to collab with as many artists as possible.

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