Maurus Yaw


                           Exclusive Interview 

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences? When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

Maurus Yaw, Native heritage of the Alabama people, born and reared is Georgia, Loves and Lives in Florida.

Five influences of mine are El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Thomas Sankara, Robert F. Williams, Muhammad Ali, and Tupac Shakur. Shabazz represents truthfulness, organization, and change. Sankara influenced me on policy, action and community. Williams taught me endurance, vision, and internationalism. Ali showed confidence, strength, and familihood. With Shakur having power, wholeness and fearlessness.

As of now, the project “he was yaw” is available for support at Half of the purchases go towards creating a bookstore. Started developing a collaborative project for the summer. Nothing official as of now, working towards it. Besides that, open to dope collaborations because the next full length project isn’t until 2024.

The want to tell my story got me into music initially. I’ve always wrote stories, poems, and etc. but it took being around music makers made me feel to try a hand at another writing style; writing lyrics.  Felt I had views and an insight to share so just developed the best way to say it.

One thing to the supporters is that we have to truly support each other. People like you and me that want change in this life, have to show support. Purchase my project, I purchase something from you. That’s how we have to support each other to change anything.

My biggest goal for this year is to play a great role in promoting Afro-American unionship, internationally.

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