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                                      EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 

Monsta KiD is the stage name of Gabriel White the 3rd, the 23 year old aspiring performer/lyricist chose the unique name to stand out to be as unique as possible cause he felt that using ‘Lil’ & ‘Young’ was very much played out. At first he tried going by G Monsta using his family household name “G” but dropped the G when kids thought it was cool to poke fun and holes at his name so he went with Monsta KiD. He’s been intent on giving himself a challenge as he knew he had a long way to grow as a artist but he was more than down for his cause, wrote many rhymes all day everyday any place or time. The young rapper wrote many mournful lyrics about his grandfather Forrest Whitley, when he passed away while in the 6th grade.
His grandfather Forrest played a huge factor in the beginning of Monsta KiD’s life as a father figure he’d take him to flag football and basketball quite a blessing in true sight; being abandoned from birth from his mother that had warrants for her arrest, baby Monsta was only a John Doe until his father gave him the name that had been passed on since Gabriel White Sr. which this current year has passed much grief was felt in Monsta KiD’s heart. In particular moments like these, Monsta KiD would dominate his song writing to the point he’d amaze himself each time he wrote something new with powerful delivery to his words and intentions, just take a listen to the song “Adversity” it’s clear that the best songs are capitalized off of, or from emotion.
Before the 2014 release of “Quantum LEAP”, many fans and followers that still follow him to this day have been listening to him knowing that he’ll grow to be this dope lyricist that he is today! What stood with many listeners was that he always had an interesting selection of instrumentals that he’d be rapping off of. He started out very similar like Lil Wayne, performing his first performance at his church of Greater Mt Siani Missionary Baptist Church #2; years later down the line, however when he became 16 he sold tickets for his first club performance out in Long Beach, California. Monsta KiD performed a song that grew on to many of his beginning fan base as well as to the folks that wanted to work with him, that song was called “LA Love” it grew on to his classmates in high school, it gained the respect of his peers and got him gigs at kickback parties. From West Covina to Baldwin Park and La Puente.
Through every great artist is a great team, this is where his cousin Knowledge4s would play a part of showing the technique of bars, patterns, and rhythm schemes. Knowledge stood by Monsta KiD’s side to pull out all the potential that was quite hidden within him the two growing up together were like having two half empty half full glasses of water no matter which half you poured in either glass it would come out to a full glass of water. Knowledge invested his time and brain work into helping Monsta KiD making Quantum LEAP most importantly he just wanted to see Monsta KiD become a young successful African American doing what he loved to do so Knowledge figured why not help him out even though many told him that he sucked or lied to him so they wouldn’t hurt his feelings. In the year of 2015 Monsta KiD basically took off the training wheels and started making music on his own time when Knowledge had his newborn son and working a full time job he had no time for studio but from time to time he saw Monsta KiD growing as well as hearing the new sound that he helped construct.
“Smooth a bumpy road and you can go places”.

Who are your top 5 influences?

    – The Game
    – DMX
    – Lil Wayne
    – Nas
    – Notorious B.I.G.
– Monsta KiD specifically chose these influences for their talents of lyricism, at a young age MK was taught that his voice was an instrument something that would be understood watching DMX & Biggie tell very graphic and lucid stories  such as “Slippin’, Ready To Die, Here We Go Again, and Everyday Struggle”. I know you’re probably saying all his influences are “Gangster Rappers” but I have nothing in common with Gangster Rap.” He simply replied “it’s all about the words in a song that make a song”.

When are your new projects coming out?

    – Black Sands (A BLK Atmosphere mixtape that’ll be debuting under Monsta KiD & Knowledge4s) the credible duo grew up together making rap music from Monsta’s grandma house and Knowledge’s hoopty; very comical personalities, also sharing very similar ideas to have such a pronounced age gap, you can find the two together rocking shows, buying herbal essences, or acting fools on Snapchat. Besides their tight bond as family their all business when it comes to laying tracks and growing the musical enterprise known as BLK Atmosphere their first project together will be announced for release and proper promotion.
– FTFOI 2 (A second edition to the beginning of Monsta KiD aka Lyrical Killa, when amateur recording tools where at his grasp and all he wanted to do was what he loved, and that was rap and jog people’s brains with his wordplay. The first edition can still be found dated back in 2012. Monsta KiD had just previously referenced that the project would be on it’s way in the song “The Come Up” which shares the same name of the collaboration project with 7ucas. In the words of Monsta KiD,
“Effortless how
I rip this mic
For the love of the game
I’m coming up
I ain’t even done
Got a part two
That’ll sh*t on you
(For The F#ck Of It)
Legit with the bars
Legit with the cause
I ain’t falling off”

What helped you get into music?

“I most saw music as a passion, always looked at it as an art of unlimited expressions most importantly as I mentioned before, Knowledge helped me grow to become the lyricist that I am today, for someone that was B/C average in school and a freshman college dropout. Modern Day Soulja gave me my start at recording at his studio and knew how to vibe with the taste of music that I’ve always had interest in. Also had Mack by my side teaching how similar the music life and street life could be. All close influences that made me the artist I am today, multiple genres of music struck my interest but Hip-Hop & Rap stood out the most of the stories that were told and it’s beginning history even up to the golden era days of the 1990s. My musical influences are a time when I wasn’t even thought about to when I got my first PlayStation as a child.”- Monsta KiD

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

“In anything you do always do it with a ready mind and have a plan, never change or question whether right or wrong there’s always a lesson to be taught with failure and success. Just enjoy what you have never feel you have everything to lose and always take your time to figure out yourself this material sh*t is temporary, love is forever.” – Monsta KiD

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

“Finish all my written music so I can create more and challenge myself, to be that artist in your car, in your radio, in your iPhone, legally or illegally downloaded my goal is to stand out. My goal is to stay in the mouths of listeners, fans, A&Rs, Presidents & VPs goal is not even the appropriate word to even ask me or to use, I’m on a mission with this life that I have sitting for an invitation is not my priority making these folks recognize my talent and wisdom if you look past my vulgarity and obscenities there’s a true artist. Being born for the finest of eras I uphold the most pressure to be the best at what I do anyone I surpass is just a blessing and welcomed as an accommodation to my skills that continuously grow as the young man that I am.” – Monsta KiD
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3 thoughts on “Monsta KiD

  1. Great interview Lil bro.I like your honesty and transparency on the issues you had to live through in your life.

    Keep being that work in progress adversary lyricist will fear to entangle himself with a great lyricist. Always remember yo purpose and passion for your platform and craft.



  2. I have known Gabriel since the 8th grade, very nice person. I do remember him always having his notebook with him an I asked why does h carry that everywhere he goes? He said back I right my music an when I think of something I can write it down so I won’t forget. Keep it up since I have know you you’ve always had much passion for music I know you will make it big one day never stop trying.


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