Kilo M.O.E


                                        EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Since the release of the solo debut singles “Hu$tle Time” and “Everything Designer,” Maurice Jones –Stage named “KILO M.O.E” has become an acclaimed independent artist with growing national recognition. KILO M.O.E has an internet music track recording totaling well over 20 thousand real streams, and hundreds of downloads.   Background Music Producer, Songwriter, Rapper and Athlete KILO M.O.E was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.  His stage name “KILO,” is derived from his infamous street time in Topeka.  “M.O.E” stands for “Money over everything.”  KILO M.O.E has performed for over 20 years.  He began his musical journey shortly after ending his long lived successful career as a personal trainer and body builder.  KILO M.O.E won multiple bodybuilding awards and built a reputable athletic career. Since then KILO M.O.E focused solely upon is music and has produced 6 mix tapes, two debut singles with music videos; and has performed live concert appearances within United States.  His sixth mixed tape is produced with the collaboration of international Dj of the year Big Steve Gee tape entitled “Plug Life.”  In 2012 KILO M.O.E released his first debut single “Hu$tle Time” which gained national acclaim. And in 2015 he released his second successful debut single “Everything Designer,” and “Everything Designer,” remix. KILO M.O.E’s singles have received constant airplay.  He has gained tremendous support of several radio stations and Dj’s,  Dj HartBreaker (UNLV College Radio), DJ Holiday (POWER 104fm), The Playmaker (Hot 103 jamz), DJ IZUHM (OndagrindTV),and several others to name a few.   Business Life As CEO; Instead of heading straight to Hollywood KILO M.O.E created OMG (On My Grizzly) Entertainment established in 2012.  KILO M.O.E is a nationally recognized businessman and ASCAP member.   The company specializes in digital Multimedia publishing through the publishing entity “Tha Grizz Publishing©, marketing promotions and sales.  Kilo M.O.E’s digital brand has solidified partnerships with the likes of Power 104 FM based in Charlotte, NC, Renegade Revolt whom which is in partnership with the innovative OVNIO digital cable streaming network seen on Fox Business news, and recently solidified partnership deals with RUDEBOY global clothing brand and lifestyle magazine.   Interviews L.O.C.K.E.D Magazine (First issue and Indie Full cover spread)   Recognition Dj King Assassin (producer for 2pac, eazy e, and owner ONEWESTTV (owned by Artist Tech Ni9e) DJ Kane Drummer squad (power 105Fm mix DJ) Renegade Revolt (a division of Cervo Media group, Inc.) L.O.C.K.E.D Magazine (First issue and Indie Full cover spread) Official Digital campaign executive Radio Current single “Everything Designer” over 50k spins digital radio to date.

$◄KILO M.O.E►$

Who are your top 5 influences?

Nas, Wutang clan most notably Ghostface Killah, LL Cool J, tragedy khadafi, mobb deep

When are your new projects coming out?

Around the fall. Pushing for a September release First Full length LP God’s and Generalz

What helped you get into music?

My brother was a Dj in the 80’s while living in Munich Germany. Grew up helping him with mixes and playing music. Break dancing and the B boy lifestyle was how we grew up. I gotta a Fat boys Tape and a whodini tape mixed by my brother. I was hooked ever since.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Listen to the words.. always the words… the beat is banging to the words… Kilo M.O.E music is that new new… I’m tapping Into new parts of your psyche.. I’m here to challenge you.. accept it.

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

Put out Gods and Generalz, hit our sales goals and give the fans two more visuals. It that order.

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