Jae Stylez

Give us your bio,Who are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                Exclusive Interview

Go vibe out with this super dope artist who is set on making it big in the music industry! Show some love!


Jae stylez aka tekneek was born August 23rd 1990 under the name Jess Emery

in Kansas city Kansas to a middle class family, he would grow up in the small town of Tonganoxie located just outside of Kansas city.  Early on in the humble beginnings it was evident that he would aspire for more, constantly creating and attempting to create through numerous outlets.  Early on he was influenced and fascinated by Hip hop which was introduced to him through his older siblings and neighbors through the likes of Hip hops golden age during the early 00s and late 90s.

In his early teens he began his own attempt at mcing after hearing “get rich or die tryin” by chance with his favored Brother in law

To finance his earliest hip hop endeavors he began hustling every way he could, this is when he began dabbling in crime and hustling with the older kids in his neighborhood.  He would release multiple albums describing his experiences in the hustling world in depth and to the surprise of his peers; it was clear early on that his music style was up to par with the rappers idolized by most.  But the darker side of his hustles would soon take its toll on Jae styez’s life bringing about multiple run ins with the law and later addiction issues.

For the next years he would struggle to escape the lure of the streets, through even the darkest times he would always find purpose in hip hop music clinging onto his dreams with his life.

In 2016 seemingly his struggles are behind him and his focus is on music, sharper than ever, he relocated to Miami to persue his dream.  Kansas city became too small with not enough opportunity.

“I love Kansas city, but the music scene is a glass ceiling, you can see the top but u cant reach it, theres just not enough opportunity.”

Jae stylez aka tekneek is on his way to the top, hustling in the streets of Miami the old fashioned way, one fan at a time

1. 50 cent, Jay Z, Eminem, Dr. dre, and Tupac


2. Over dose currently out on youtube and soundlcoud, Google me coming in August. In between ill definitely have songs that will be released methodically.


3. My brother in law, he would let me have full access to his collection of cds; the classics! biggie pac, dre, master P, all of the greats.  I would be nothing without that.


4. One thing I want to tell my fans? I’m not the guy to cool to fuck with yall! I remember how they treated me coming up and I vow to never be like that.  black white skinny fat sexy girls ugly girls I love u all and will appreciate all of you. guys forget we are nothing without fans. nothing!


In the past ive been distracted and held down by fuckin witht he streets, court cases, beefs, that whole life style.  this year my only hustle is the music.  this is me. this year will be my best. Music videos interviews new songs and my new album GOOGLE ME . this will be my year

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