Six Millz

One of the best interviews our blog has ever done, we get to look close at one of the dopest artists out right now who keeps it real. I PRESENT…Six Millz. LOVE.

                                Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio Who are your top 5 influences? When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?

Hey call me Six Millz, I come from a little town called Bremerton outside of Seattle. (Currently live in Seattle) I been doing music about 4 years now. But in October I dropped my first solo project so that’s when my grind REALLY started. My music is more of a trap soul; but more of the turn up side. I’m from the streets so I keep it street on every song. Talk bout where I’m from where I did. I like to tell my story. I dropped a couple visuals. Dropped a visual in Honduras (All Grind) then a popular track (Whoa) did a visual with that too ft JxPhreeze. I got more to come! 
My top 5 influences. This isn’t in order cause that’s hard would be
1. Camron cause he keep it G and really been n an out them streets and never changed 
2. Kevin Gates cause dude jus talent and make good music. Someone to take notes from. 
3. Lil Wayne cause he a real business man. He knows how to touch different demographic and that’s major. Gettin your music and fans to the next level 
4. 2 pac cause he made that trap soul music haha spoke his heart on every song. We share that. 
5. Wale he jus dope. Dope rapper he don’t front talkin like he from the streets. He make real music and his shit jus fly! 
My new projects are in the works. I got an ep dropping probably sometime in July it’s called “Back 2 The Streets” 5 tracks of some street shit haha more story tellin, more emotions poured out on these tracks. It’s gone be a good one to have on your playlist this summer. Also I’m working on my mixtape “Chances” that will be dropping late August early September. That’s gone be the heavy hitter. All Classic Tracks. I’m working with a lot of artist too doing features. 
Back in 2012 my homies started Fukin wit the music. We all hustled together so I was like fuk it Imma ride the wave wit y’all. Over the years I came to love it and understand music. Listen to the beat and let it talk to me. Ya feel me?! Shit after I dropped my first solo project “Less of Nothin” I was like “yea I think I found my flo” cause it took years to get my own style and find out who I am as an artist. It wasn’t so natural so I still put in a lot of work to make quality real songs. 
I work hard to make good music for y’all. I tell my story so y’all can know who I am and where I come from. Do what you love and don’t let know one hold you back. If I can do it y’all can do it. Go in get up and G for it! 
This year my goals are drop more visual. Get these states rockin wit me more! I was just in Texas for sxsw wit my crew. Did some shows out there. Got best performance at this venue I was at. Bumped into Raz and Leez out there. We were reppin the town deep out there! But yea… Drops some projects get some more show dates and keep working. Get these people hip to Six Millz cause I’m next up haha 
Can you tell us more about you crafted your image? Also tell us, when you go into the booth what keeps you focused on the grind. 
I been in the streets my whole life so everything I learned is from the streets. So I jus use and turn it into art. You know talkin bout grinding to make it out the hood. Get you and ya boys in them foreign thing. Take trips live life. 
I’m simple man I like true religions and cool sneakers. Tattoos Hennessy and weed haha a lot of Weed. But you see me you see my nighas. Cause that’s who I got it wit and that’s who I’m gone come up wit. Man when I go in the booth. I leave everything outside the booth and I get in my on zone. I put a lot of emotions into my work so I like to come in on a clear mind and go in. 
Man the struggle keeps me focus and makes me go harder and harder. Seeing cats around me that came from nothin, really out here gettin it, puttin they people on. That keeps me focused and steadily going in. 
Tell us about your tattoos. What do they mean, how do they express what you want to say.
My tatts tell my story. I got RIP Tatts for my lost soldiers I got my tatts expressing a rough patch in my life when I had to go do some times. I got my hood on me haha ya know reppin for my ppl all day jus like I’m my music. But yea I got a lil this lil that on me. I wear my emotions my life on my sleeves ya dig 
Dope thats awesome. Do you have any tips for upcoming rappers?
Man don’t stop keep going when times get rough. This shit ain’t easy. Get outta your city start networking, be original pave your own lane. Keep ya shit real and be you; that’s how you gone gain the most respect and you need that in this game. Do shit out the box, take chances, try to standout from everyone else. Some people go too hard and that’s why they become a failure. Don’t worry bout the next artist cause he ain’t worried bout you. Focus on yourself and go get it! 
Do you write all your songs about real experiences and things that have happened to you? What do you think about rappers who fabricate things in order to make themselves seem cool 

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