Louie C

Louie C is a unique artist who deserves to have his message heard. Give him a listen and vibe out with his dope sound!! – Team

                                                     EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 
Louie C Bio: Louie C is a lot more than just a Dean and Physical Education teacher at CGSI (M.S. 442 Brooklyn).

They call him Mr. Camacho .  The 23-year-old Long Island native is finding a new way to instill knowledge in his students: he uses hip-hop.  Louie started on this path by creating his own original school club called Rebound With Sound.  Through this program and his Louie C Rap youtube channel, Louie aims to take his shot at the rap game from a more instructional and educational stand point. 

My top 5 influences

  • My Students
  • Eminem
  • Macklemore
  • Big L 
  • My Mom
When are your new projects coming out?
New projects will be coming out quickly and frequently.  I have 12 original projects and I plan to have them all release and a mix tape called “LCR” (Louie C Rap). All of my songs will be comprised of original beats made by Left Right Productions (Louie C and RonMan).  Left Right Productions is an entertainment group that specializes in making beats, editing, and filming music videos.
On the immediate horizon I plan to release my newest called “Hip Hop Sessionsthis Friday 6/3.  It will be dropped on YouTube this Friday. All 12 of the projects on the LCR Mix-tape will be posted on YouTube as well.
What helped you get into music?
Someone challenged me to a freestyle at a party when I went to college at Brockport in New York.  I battled him and the crowd made more noise for me – I thought I was so cool..  Besides that, the radio.  Hearing the rap music on the radio really upsets me.  The message is very commercial and aims to turn listeners into consumers.  It’s just all regurgitation of the main rhetoric.  I got into music to change that and to make music about real issues that I experience around hip hop and in my teaching career.  It’s funny how you listen to rap and think you know the struggle of a gangsta rapper trying to come up.  Little did I know that teaching would introduce me to so many intricate parts of the rap game.  Mainly how gangsta rap negatively effects the growth and upbringing of a child born and raised in the projects and how their faced with many obstacles most never have even seen let alone understand.
What is one thing you would tell your fans?
Whatever you put into life is what you get out of it.  Being the best version of yourself will always bring the most positive attention to you.  I’m a teacher, you knew I would say something like that – but it’s true.
What are your biggest goals for 2016?
My biggest goals for 2016 are
  • Release My LCR Mixtape with Music Videos on YouTube
  • Put Left Right Productions on the map
  • Perform in NYC at open Mics
  • Marry the girl of my dreams (in progress)

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