Bitty B

Give us your bio,Who are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                                 Exclusive Interview

My name is Taylor but i go by BittyB Im a gay female artist im 22 Born in Arlington Virginia but, raised in Lakeland Fl..Polk County Stand Up im in college full time seeking my AA in web design to further promote me and my group music! Ive been apart of a group called B1B. for almost 7 years B1B is short for BlowOneBoys our group includes 3 of us Me, my cousin Ajizzle and my other cousin Big Bruiser all three of us are attending college full time to help promote our music together! Oh something else for my bio im in a relationship with my childhood crush been with her almost 3 years now..

My 5 Top influences are 1. The Notorius BIG Ive been a fan since a child being that my mom is into hip hop heavy like I’ve grown up to.. 2.Tupac ..his music always was real and told stories even after death he still lives on! 3.Lil Boosie Boosie is a Souther Tupac in my eyes he’s real he’s genuine and rap about stuff most people are scared of! 4.Gucci Mane I love Gucci Manes style and how he knows how to be street and articulate when need be! 5.Dom Kennedy He’s a local artist from California he has that 90’s swagg mixed with a lil West Coast i love his music and how he expresses his self! Im currently working on my 2nd mixtape called Drippin Mojo.. I’m a Austin Powers fan hoping to have that mixtape done by November 2016 mostly all my mixtape names will be about something in the mid or late 90’s ! And me and my group are currently working on our EP called “Back Like We Never Left” that should be final and ready for release by this September im also working on a clothing line called “Don’t fxck with my mojo! Which is getting a lil buzz down here in my city As a child i had nothing but boy cousins and we use to always be in the room battle rapping we would rap all day and all night until i got older i started laying down my vocals to my favorite songs.. I would lay next to my radio and hear my music to see what i could do better to perfect myself and ive came a long wayyyy! One thing i would tell my fans is im going to always feed them Dope music from music thats going to make you wanna dance, music that makes you think about old times, music that you can relate to etc! There will never be a dull moment with BittyB! Keep supporting me and i promise to make yall proud My biggest goals of 2016 is to build my fanbase back up i stopped for awhile going down the wrong road but im more focused that ever and ready to be heard! Also my goal is to at least drop 4 Mixtapes this year to get my voice back out there now that im grown and have more to talk about And i also just dropped a Mixtape on my 22nd Birthday Called “Explcit Content Vol#1 which can be heard via Soundcloud

One thought on “Bitty B

  1. L Town stand up! Our very own Bitty B stay representin! I support you and all your endeavors 100% bro great article I enjoy reading it.


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