A’ Justice

Give us your bio,Who are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

                               Exclusive Interview 

A’Justice is a singer, songwriter and musician out of Atlanta, Georgia.
Born in Atlanta Georgia, A’Justice’s family relocated to Columbus,Ohio where she discovered her love for music of all kind. Writing her first complete song as young as 8 years old, A’Justice felt most comfortable expressing herself through art and music. A’Justice swiftly moved back to Atlanta after high school to pursue her music career. Now 26, it’s common to hear the sultry singer’s distinct raspy voice singing songs lyrically expressing her feelings of sensuality and self discovery. The sassy songstress sites OutKast, Kid Cudi ,Lauryn Hill , India Arie and Brandy as just a few of her musical influences.

My 1st official single “Special” is on my soundcloud now  https://soundcloud.com/itsajustice/ajustice-special-prod-by-lytton-scott-single and Be on the Lookout for ‘Queen Of The Fall’ ,it’s my first project and I’m pretty excited about it. There’s no release date in stone but it’s coming very soon.

To my fans : “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit” I make music based on my feelings and emotions and what I’m going through. I just want to touch people.

This year I just want to work harder. Hit more stages. Get invited to more events/venues. I’m just trying to grow and be the best I can.

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