C- Squared comes with some real true Hiphop. We love the jazz samples, the soulful drum hits, and his overall production  style. Personally one of the most interesting interviews we’ve ever done and I can’t wait to hear more from this masterful producer. – Team What is unique about your art? Give us your bio … More C-Squared


The mellow vibe of “I Just Wanna” will get you laid back and coolin out. Senses blesses the track with dope flows throughout the entirety of the whole track with a great command of his voice. Go show some love! – Team                           … More Senses

M. Grimm

When we talk about innovation, creativity, and a fundamental understanding of the game, this kid is way ahead of time. We deal with rappers all the time, in fact, probably everyday… However, we don’t deal with GREAT rappers all the time. This young man is a true emcee who is alive to put his mark … More M. Grimm