Go grab Augustine’s dope new project and show some love! – Team

Agustín Contreras, aka Augustine, grew up in a small tri-city community south of Merced, California. Contreras always dabbled in poetry from time to time but wasn’t completely interested in it until his senior year at Le Grand High. Not known for being a good painter, he spent his senior year in Art class writing along to instrumentals at the approval of his teacher. From then on Augustine fell in love and dove deeper into his creative mind. Influenced by the early environment placed by his brother, Contreras fell in love with 90s Hip-Hop citing Wu-Tang, Biggie, Nas, Tupac and Bone Thugs as his earliest contact with the style. Recently, “The Bean Child” released a 10 track LP titled, “HoPe”. The LP contains conscious subject matter ranging from the choices in life (Delta Sign), media lies (Ron Burgundy) and reconsidering abortion (Womb to the Tomb). Although being a late-bloomer, Augustine continues to work on his craft and show doubters that he belongs.

                             Exclusive Interview

Who are your top 5 influences?

In no particular order: Nas  Jay Electronica Mos Def  Tupac  Slick Rick

When are your new projects coming out?

I just put out HoPe in the beginning of May so I’ve been really focused on pushing that as far as it can go. I’m always working, I’m a worker bee. I feel weird if I don’t work on something within a week. That being said I have a bunch of new material that I’m hoping to put out sooner rather than later, but timing is everything and the more time that goes by the better everything will be.

What helped you get into music?

I’ve always loved Hip-Hop from an early age cause of my oldest brother. I remember in 7th grade (2005) my friend Adrian (aka Dri Audi) would invite me to his house and record on his desktop CPU with the built in mic. That was the start of a lowly lit passion for real. I didn’t visit it completely until my senior year in high school (2010) where I would write to instrumentals in my art class. My teacher encouraged me since I couldn’t draw well and gave me an A for performing at the end of the semester in front of the class. Dope stuff.

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

For the very few of you that exist out there and the majority that I haven’t met, I would like for you to see that it’s ok to follow your dreams. It’s ok to not follow society’s footsteps. At the end of the day, your benefitting the system and not yourself truly by giving up on non-traditional dreams and aspirations. Play the system, go to school, get a degree and while you’re in college network with people that will help you build your dream. At the end of the day if your Plan B is a college degree, then you won completely. Go and try.

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

My biggest goals for 2016: I want to perform at CSU STAN multiple times so that people can see that I am on campus and I’m no different than any of them. It’s gotta start somewhere, just go and organize it and make it happen. I just want to get my name out there and really push the limits further than I thought I could. I want to be known even more locally. It eventually spills over to a movement of some sort. Finally, I just want to build a lasting marriage, tying the knot in July. I want to be a man in the eyes of my wife and the man that God has called me to be. That role model you wish you could’ve had when you were growing up. The man who can admit he made a mistake and isn’t afraid to do so. The man that loves everyone because he sees them through His eyes. Thank you for reading the interview, I hope to make y’all proud. Much love.


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