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James P brings us absolute fire on his tracks. Go take a look at his project and vibe out-Team

              Exclusive Interview

Give us your bio, Who are your top 5 influences?, When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?  What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?


Give us your bio
I’m just a different type of dude who always pushes for a different kind of sound. A lot of the good people around me always describe my music to other people using multiple genres/words which always puts a smile on my face because I never want to be described as one specific genre. I had one of the Mom’s that forced me to play piano sense I was about 6 years old, way before I even come close to developing any true musical senses or tastes of my own. I thank her for that constantly because without her, I would never had fell in love with music the way I did. My Dad was a straight hippie growing up and was in band that played classic 60’s and 70’s jams ever since I can remember, so I of course wanted to be as cool as my Dad and eventually switched from piano to guitar. With sounds like Jimi Hendrix and Santana always playing in the car, I eventually formed a band with some of my best friends in 6th grade, but I always took it way too seriously and wanted us to practice all the time. I got sick of balancing all the egos and opinions pretty quick, and it was right about that time that I went to this nerd camp where I learned how to use Reason 3.0. I had never heard of any “electronic music” (hate that term) or hiphop, so I always made basslines and acoustic drum lines so I could practice guitar. Once I started listening to hiphop, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I had the knowledge with Reason to make my own beats. After hip hop came dubstep which was my first intro into self produced electronic music, and I’m not talking skrillex and all that shit, but back when it was Digital Mystikz, Caspa, Rusko, Kode 9 and all the OG heads around 2008. I always loved the bass and raw elements of hiphop so for me the original tracks of dubstep was a perfect marriage that highlighted what I love about hiphop into a dark bass heavy form. All my first tracks are super dark and ambient dubstep tracks, and it wasn’t untill I was about 18 that I moved on from that world into adding more organic sounds into my music. I saw the whole EDM thing beginning to blow and so many people who hated on me for being creative with music going to EDM shows and it made me really bitter towards the whole scene. Especially the way dubstep blew up and what it became in contrast to the roots of the genre’s pioneers. Today, I’m all about what is real and authentic, pushing boundaries and creating something that no one has really ever heard before. I’m a very harsh critic of myself and always have been, so my music today is a direct reflection of me today and my past, while also reflected tastes from a wide variety of genres and artists to make something that’s my own sound.
Who are your top 5 influences?
This is to hard but I’ll do my best.
1) Jimi Hendrix
2) Digital Mystikz (Mala, Loefah & Coki)
3) Notorious B.I.G. & A Tribe Called Quest (can’t choose between them sorry haha)
4) BadBadNotGood
5) Kaytranada
When are your new projects coming out?
My first EP ‘Booty Dreams’ came out more than 3 years ago so something is coming soon… ‘Booty Dreams’ had tracks I made over the course of 5+ years so its a process for me. Don’t like to just chug stuff out just to post something and get more followers. The people who are about it, will be back once I feel like what I have made is worth their ear’s attention. Also been working on a little rap project of my own that’s very much in the early stages and making beats for some local artists who are doing their thing and doing it well.
What helped you get into music?
My parents played the biggest role 100%. I’m so grateful for them in the sense for how they pushed me to play piano no matter how much I fought, and for passing on such amazing musical tastes into my life. I also only surround myself with good people that are not just supportive but into creative elements of life such as music and art so that I’m always inspired by those around me. I’ve weeded out a lot of people that just want to hang out and hit the club just because that scene isn’t good for me. I don’t feel good about myself when I just exist, nothing against those that are about that life, that’s how I personally need to live my life to be happy. I need to something creative at all times or else I go South quick. Also, can’t forget to shout out Sashwat Singh at Dank N Dirty Dubz for believing me and putting out my music, such a good dude running a great label who always keeps it 100 with me and pushes me constantly to finish tracks and make them more intriguing than the last one.
What is one thing you would tell your fans?
To all those who ever commented on my tracks, and to those who are around me on a more regular basis, I love you all. Even to those who don’t/arn’t. Whoever you are, you played a role in making me the musician and the man I am today. For that I am forever grateful. It is more appreciated than I can ever express in words, and I always respect your criticisms, compliments, and for being both patient and supportive throughout my creative path with music and in life.
What are your biggest goals for 2016?
Really want to put out another EP… It feels like it is overdue, but I’m trying to sit on my music nowadays and put out something that I’ve never put out as a tester to gather opinions before deciding if its worthy of a release. Just as important, I’m just trying to stay focused and be the man that I want to be.
Twitter: @JamesPmusic
InstaGram: @Jamespmusic4booty

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