Give us your bioWho are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming outWhat helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

Genesyx, of only 19 years of age comes with the flavor to get you vibing any day of the week. Vibe out with this man.    

                                                    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

The name is Genesyx, remember me when i blow up! Im a 19 year old rapper residing in Bakersfield, California, not the most popular place lol. I was born in London, England & moved to SoCal when i was seven years old. I’m currently attending college at Cal State Bakersfield, pursuing my degree in nursing. It’s also there that I would meet a group of friends, Shah quattro & Black Afi who i would be able to relate in music with one another and work together with to help create the music that i want out there. Music is a passion to me that I’ve thought of since i was high school and something which i’m able to experiment with now in college. With the equipment that Shah quattro provided, the closet in my apartment that we use for recording, and the support that we’re starting to get through locals and music blogs, i believe that i can achieve the height i want to with the amount of music that i’d like to put out with the help of my main producer, Shah quattro. 

My top 5 influences are my good friend Shah quattro because he used to be in an alternative rock band called “Dear the liars” and performed at the House of Blues in San Diego. Chance the Rapper is another because that dude was able to fund himself and his team in the beginning and still does while making dope ass music and is now blowing up from it, hope to collab with him in the future forreals! The third one is most definitely Lil’ Wayne because he’s the first rapper i got into and the reason  why i started listening to hip hop. I remember when i was 10 years old i was watching 106&Park’s BET Top 10 live at my cousins house and Lil wayne’s music video Hustler Musik showed up as one of the top 10 and i don’t know what it was but the production, the flow of the vocals, or probably just the whole song itself caught me off guard. Thats when i knew that day that Hip Hop & lil wayne was not something to ignore at all. Shoutout to Weezy! My fourth influence would have to be Tupac Shakur. All Eyez on Me was forsure on my replay list during my four year in high school. Wish the man would’ve lived on to see the huge turnaround in hip hop, the good and the bad haha! It would be really cool to get an input from him about it and my song as well. Rest in peace!! And to save the best influence for last would be A$AP Rocky. If it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t have thought of pursuing a rap career now. That dude is one of the flyest niggas in the game, no questions asked! His fashion is a must, his flow is a plus, his crew is going hella up, music wise and his rap career is as well. I want the lifestyle he got right now. Aye Rocky if you reading this then check out my song on soundcloud bruh bruh! Mos Def looking for a collab with you homie!
Right now i’m working with Shah quattro to get my first mixtape out called “Adore Me”. Be on the lookout for it by June of this year, so basically summertime for y’all to turn up to for those three months off of school! Hopefully a bunch of music blog sites will be able to host it as well.
What helped me get into music was during my freshman year of college when i met Shah quattro. He told me that he used to be part of a band and performed with them at the house of blues in San Diego but they broke up after some issues occurred between themselves. I told him how i’ve been writing lyrics for rap songs as remixes on my phone since i was in high school. But what really made us really cool was when he told me he had the music recording equipment and experience to produce songs and that we could start recording music our sophmore year when we got our own apartment. I was definitely on board with that. And as for Black Afi, i met him during my freshman year of college as well and he didn’t have experience in performing like Shah quattro but he wrote lyrics in high school like myself and he was a fan of underground hip hop artists, mostly a fan of Chance the rapper and Vic Mensa cause thats who he listened to whenever i met up with him. When all three of us got together we decided that we would each help ourselves out with music and call ourselves Loosely Related because we each had an interest in music but our way of expressing it was different but unique. We did that by using Shah quattro’s production skills and music equipment, Black Afi’s lyrical skill and my lyrical flow which shows up on my song, Preach.
One thing i would tell my fans and this is something tyler, the creator said when he received his MTV VMA award in 2011, is that to all you kids or “on the come up” rappers and music artists out there, you can do this sh*t! Don’t let nobody tell you nothing cause it’s your life and you only have one to live. And to the ones that show me love and compliment the song on soundcloud and any other site that i put it out on, thank you!
My biggest goals for 2016 is to get at least half a million to a million plays on one of songs and hopefully my upcoming mixtape. Another goal is to get as many blog sites to promote me as much as they can. And lastly is to get some live performances in, not just in the clubs but hopefully a festival. That would make my year!

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