Kas Din

                                 Exclusive Interview 

Kas Din is a well put together artist who has a lot of great accomplishments under his belt. It’s extremely dope to hear his music as he’s sure to blow up in soon time to come. Stay up and vibe with this man. Love.

Give us your bioWho are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

My top five influences are hands down Stevie wonder, Musiq Soulchild, Usher, D’ Angelo and of course Michael Jackson.

I’m gearing up for a release for my new project  “Nerds in Love” around September but the date is still tentative. Still pushing “Love Addicts Anonymous” and wanna make sure this gets as much exposure as i can 
My mother and my big sister was probably the two reasons I got into music, my sister was the Joe Jackson type and made me and my cousins learn lyrics harmonies and choreography to New Edition songs all the time. And eventually I was always the one with the leads. We eventually showed my mother and watching her be entertained was huge motivation to get better. So i pushed forward with it. 
The one thing I would tell my fans is “thank u for listening and I can’t wait to experience more with u, let’s make sure we get closer thru my growth” basically let’s keep in touch. ( I know that was more than one thing but I couldn’t help myself)
My biggest goal this year is to go on tour!!! To land a tour would mean the world to me. Touring is such an amazing opportunity to not only perform but to reach people u would have never been able to just from the studio. Any way I can reach one more person I’m for it!!! 



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