Explain your most passionate song Give us your bioWho are your top 5 influences?When are your new projects coming out?What helped you get into music?What is one thing you would tell your fans?What are your biggest goals for 2016?

My new name is bugs formerly known as DL.

My most passionate song ,that I made could be somebody lied or somebody save her,if I had to choose it would be somebody lied  u know I express my feelings a lot but it still feels like I can express more,when I make more music,so if u like my music than stay tuned.
My bio
.I was born in chester pa,a small city outside of Philly,I love my city,but sometime s it just feels like I need to go somewhere different,especially in the winter,u know ,I remember cold nights,laying under sheets trying to keep warm.my mom was sick ,she had a lot of diseases she was a great mom, she got sick,so it wasn’t bad parenting,I had stuff for Christmas but I don’t follow any one except my dad than he left so I was lost as a man,u know,it feel like I fucked up alot, when I was in school ,u know I was a bad kid,but I was very smart , I think if I worked hard I could have graduated highschool when I was 14,but I acted out I had a lot of aggression,u know,I think we as black people need to set an example for the world to follow,and aggression runs deep in our race.u know u see a positive black man and u think, oh hes

Gay or, somethings not right with him,but any way I just needed to get that off my chest.but I started writing poetry when I was 10 or 11,than it turned into music.I had a book of tupacs poetry and it really inspired me to think differently especially the influence from his music.
My biggest influences in hip hop ,like what inspires me, I mean I can’t just pick five its too many great hip hop artists,like nas could be number one,two is wutang,three is Busta rhymes,nwa is four but ice cube eazy e is the best,kanye is a major influence 

But I can’t just pick 5 and it’s really not just hip-hop artists that put an influence in my music and life.


I’m currently working on a project now,it’s as of right now untitled ,I’m planning for it to be a short compilation of songs maybe 9 or 10 songs I will have on ther, right now I’m working on some funny skits . 

Getting into music.
Well,,like I said before it came from poetry and I was ten so i got influenced by that ludacris album chicken and beer,and busta rhymes it aint safe no more


if there was one thing i could say to my fans would be,go cop my album,if your looking for something new and refreshing,u know support good artists not just because   its the new thing but support artists with something that has something to say,like pac he had something to say and it feels like the fans walked away with something.u know heres my direct number if u know anyone that can help my career to that next level u know hit my line up,u know i will always have time to collab or anything that can make us better.

goals for 2016.

finish my project get it put out there on radio,get the right people to connect with,u know possibly get signed to a label.right now im independent,yes i am looking for a label to call home or anyone that can take me to the highest plateau of hip hop.





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