Timeless Generation : Hermes & Barry Sinclair


Go vibe out to Timeless Generation’s killer artists Hermes and Barry Sinclair. They bring dope music to the table with their artist personas. Timeless Generation is truly ahead of the game. Stay on the lookout for more creative content from these inspiring artists!


Exclusive Interview

Hermès (20) – 

Born & raised in Atlanta, Georgia . As a child I’ve been influenced by music since the day I was born mostly dark R&B melodic sounds . 808 heartbreaks was the intro to my musical career . Even before making music I knew in my soul it is something I had to do or I wouldn’t be completely happy. In my early youth around 16 I got the chance to travel the world & attend an international school. I stayed in Nigeria , London and also Dubai . Within that year my creativity and inspiration raised to exceeding levels. I came back to the states to finish my senior year of high school & more importantly to pursue my career around the age of 18. With the help from my brother Sinclair I found & created a sound for myself & since then it’s only been elevation. 

My top influence(s) 



Frank Oceans

Andre 3000

Kanye West

“Biscayne Blvd” a joint EP with me & Barry Sinclair we are dropping this year. 

One thing I would tell my fans is believe in your voice. Don’t underestimate yourself or sell yourself short ever. 

My goal for 2016 is to create the greatest hits for the world. Also to help build/restore a utopia on Mother Earth. 


Barry Sinclair (24) born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Started dancing since he was 9 & didn’t really find his voice or knew his musical potential until 18. Once he found that out, he started his journey on this road and never looked back. and His top 5 influences have been Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake , Andre 3000, future , drake . 

One thing I would tell my fans is know yaself. That way you don’t have to ask anyone who you are or supposed to be . 

Biggest goals in 2016 is to become one of the biggest artist to in the world . And to change the world for the better . 



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